WWE SmackDown results, recap, review: Some punish for Nakamura and McMahon

September 27, 2017 - WWE

An disproportionate and unsatisfactory week of WWE radio came to a end on Tuesday night as SmackDown Live mailed in a uncover dual weeks before a Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. The WWE pretension still personification third fiddle to a United States championship and Kevin Owens-Shane McMahon rivalry, and a rest of a uncover was comparatively muted solely for dual new compare announcements for a PPV.

Not usually will there be a first-ever loyal tab group Hell in a Cell match, Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode will block off in what should be a fun showdown despite one that Ziggler will expected remove deliberation his gusto for doing a pursuit for a newest members of a SmackDown brand.

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Kevin Owens destroys Sami Zayn, again

Owens non-stop a uncover in a ring repetition about how SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon did not have a courage to face him. Zayn interrupted Owens, yet a latter refused to listen to him by observant he had distant surpassed his former best crony as a multi-time champion and categorical eventer. Zayn pronounced he would get there eventually doing things a right way, that brought ubiquitous manager Daniel Bryan out to set a compare for a show’s final segment. Owens and Zayn had their typically good match, and it finished with Owens once again powerbombing Zayn into a ring apron, forcing a compare stoppage.

Just as Zayn was withdrawal ringside with trainers and referees, Owens motionless to run him down and conflict a hobbled Zayn, fixation a chair around his neck with a devise to run him into a ring post. This brought out McMahon, who chased Owens divided from ringside into a throng yet not before Owens could chuck a chair-necklaced Zayn into McMahon as means of distraction.

It felt greedy for WWE to rehash a Owens-Zayn adversary — again — in a lead adult to a PPV in that Owens is fighting another opponent. That said, Owens needs to go somewhere after confronting McMahon during Hell in a Cell, and a module with Zayn would make clarity if he’s not going to contend for a WWE championship (though that’s accurately what should occur if Shinsuke Nakamura wins a title).

Welcome to Hell

The adversary between The New Day and The Usos has been illusory with a handful of scarcely five-star size matches and a unchanging storyline that has not lacked low points. With scarcely each chapter tired and another rematch opening adult during a subsequent SmackDown pay-per-view, a teams concluded Tuesday night to settle their argument for good inside Hell in a Cell.

New Day sat in a initial quarrel of a throng as The Usos fast laid rubbish to The Hype Bros around pinfall. The Usos taunted a tab group champions after a match, to that Xavier Woods responded with a central challenge. The Usos nodded in capitulation and a compare was made, strictly apropos a second compare inside a dungeon on a card.

WWE has hold 36 Hell in a Cell matches given a structure’s opening in 1997. Only 3 of them have consisted of tab teams with dual Tornado matches (1998, 2009) and one 2-on-3 encumber compare (2006). There is a legitimate possibility that this compare is a best of a New Day-Usos series, and it’s what fans should have been awaiting all along. Good pierce by WWE putting this into motion.

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • Baron Corbin def. Tye Dillinger around countout: Dillinger taunted AJ Styles (who watched from ringside) all match, during one indicate throwing H2O on a United States champion. He eventually flattened Dillinger outward a ring, grabbed a mic and challenged Styles for his U.S. pretension during Hell in a Cell.
  • WWE champion Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura collided after Mahal pretentious an reparation and attempted to taunt Nakamura as he has a final dual weeks, yet this time Nakamura seemed on shade and done his entrance. He wiped out a Singh Brothers outward a ring, giving Mahal an opening, yet Nakamura shortly too over and strike Kinshasa in a center of a squared circle.
  • The Hype Bros had another incident that foreshadows a separate opening earlier than after as Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley struggled to confirm who would quarrel during one indicate during their pinfall detriment to The Usos.
  • Rusev had a jubilee in a ring that was MC’d by Aiden English, who sang a apportionment of a Bulgarian inhabitant anthem with a mayor of Rusev’s hometown in a ring. Rusev distinguished with a pivotal to a country, yet as English was singing a singular strain he wrote for Rusev, Randy Orton slithered into a ring to strike an RKO on English. Then, as Rusev pushed a vital into a corner, Orton struck him with an RKO as well. Backstage, Orton told Renee Young he would quarrel Rusev during Hell in a Cell.
  • Charlotte Flair def. Carmella around pinfall: Carmella brought James Ellsworth out on a leash. Really. Charlotte strike Carmella with a Queen’s Boot for a 1-2-3. Natalya came out after a compare and pronounced she’s happy Ric Flair will be means to watch Hell in a Cell and see Charlotte fail.
  • The Undertaker’s song hit, yet it was Dolph Ziggler still perplexing out improved entrances to assuage a fans. After Ziggler began his standard diatribe in a ring, “Glorious Domination” strike and Bobby Roode challenged Ziggler to quarrel during Hell in a Cell. Ziggler pronounced Roode was “everything that’s wrong with WWE” and supposed a challenge.

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