WWE SmackDown results, recap: Vince McMahon returns, new champion crowned

September 13, 2017 - WWE

A clever dual weeks of WWE radio continued Tuesday night with an bomb SmackDown Live that enclosed a lapse of nothing other than a authority himself, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Though McMahon did not cause into a uncover until a final segment, his appearing participation was a storyline around a show.

McMahon worked good going head-to-head with Kevin Owens, who once again valid that he does not need a pretension to be a vital actor on possibly brand.

There were also a integrate championship matches — one pretension change — and copiousness of other critical storyline growth on Tuesday evening, so be certain to check out a results, examination and highlights subsequent to locate adult on WWE SmackDown from this week. 

Mr. McMahon earnings … and takes a bump

In a prohibited shred to open SmackDown, Owens strike a ring to explain that a hazard of lawsuit following Shane McMahon’s conflict final week meant he fundamentally owned WWE and a blue brand. Owens went on to pontificate about all he would change on a uncover — some funny, some critical — and Dolph Ziggler even interrupted by opening out to McMahon’s opening music. Just as Owens was jacket up, ubiquitous manager Daniel Bryan warned him that Vince McMahon would be in a locus to pronounce with him before a night was out. Later in a show, Owens was shown backstage opening adult with his list of final when he paused to tell Sami Zayn that he would be out of work and have to lapse to a eccentric circuit. He also approached Aiden English about signing a new “Kevin Owens Show” theme.

Mr. McMahon showed adult to tighten a show, observant Owens did not honour authority; rather, he simply could not quarrel behind opposite Shane. He afterwards indignant Owens, observant he was diseased for melancholy a lawsuit instead of fighting. “When we demeanour in a mirror, how do we have any honour during all?” McMahon asked. He afterwards betrothed that, should Owens record a lawsuit, he would be dismissed from WWE immediately. McMahon pronounced he dangling Shane not only for putting his hands on Owens nonetheless given he didn’t finish a pursuit and take him out for good. “You done adverse remarks about his family — my family — and we got what we deserved,” pronounced McMahon, who backed Shane and set adult a Hell in a Cell compare with Owens for a pay-per-view. Owens done McMahon guarantee that he would not be dismissed if he beats Shane and that, if provoked, he could “beat a McMahon senseless.”

McMahon afterwards gave Owens a clever handshake and rabble talked him, heading Owens to head-butt McMahon — immediately opening a cut on a chairman’s forehead. McMahon rose to try and conflict Owens, nonetheless he was dealt a punch, flog and superkick before Owens rose to a tip wire and delivered a frog splash. As Owens walked off to a back, Stephanie McMahon unexpected seemed and stared Owens down before assisting her father — who refused a bracket — totter to a back.

Any time we get Vinny Mack on WWE radio is a treat. But Vinny Mack holding mixed bumps, display tone and receiving a frog dash from Owens? That’s a favourite storyline if I’ve ever seen one. It was a good use of McMahon and combined a new fold to a HITC compare as Shane is now fighting for some-more than only himself nonetheless rather his family. One would design Owens to kick Shane as Shane is customarily good for large spots nonetheless mostly does a pursuit in a end; however, maybe this is an event for a some-more grown storyline or something special to occur during a finish of a PPV match. Owens was superb around a show, as per usual.

And … NEW champions

In a “Sin City Street Fight” for a tab group championships, The Usos shielded a straps opposite New Day in a latest book of their everlasting rivalry. And really, because would we wish it to end? These teams simply can't put on a bad match. It’s truly implausible a work they do together no matter a situation. Big E was worked by early before Kofi Kingston got a tip palm and privileged a ring. Eventually though, The Usos had Big E prepped for rejecting with a double superkick as they climbed a tip wire to strike a double frog splash. Instead, Kingston woke up, tossed Jey Uso off a tip wire drifting by a ringside list and strike an insiguri on Jimmy Uso. Big E afterwards picked him adult and New Day nailed a Midnight Hour for a 1-2-3 to turn a new tab group champions.

Short and traded pretension reigns can mostly get seared fast nonetheless such is not a box with these teams. The Usos and New Day have any won a titles from one another twice given Mar 21. Two of those pretension changes came on SmackDown and 3 have come in a final 9 weeks. Still, each compare between these teams is opposite and tremendous. we do not trust they have put together a clunker yet. Even a swat conflict was some-more interesting than one could have imagined. This latest championship barter is apparently environment adult a rivalry-ending Hell in a Cell compare subsequent month, and I’m all for it!

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • Jinder Mahal found a opposite voice: For a initial time given apropos WWE champion, Mahal diverted from his standard promo to make fun of Shinsuke Nakamaura’s facial expressions and mannerisms in an try to play mind games with a King of Strong STyle. Though Mahal and a Singh Brothers were not indispensably funny, there were a integrate chuckle-worthy moments and a change of gait was welcome.
  • United States Championship — AJ Styles def. Tye Dillinger around pinfall to keep a title: This plea was not so “open” as Dillinger as announced as a challenger final week. Styles put Dillinger over by permitting him to uncover some good offense, nonetheless a champion prevailed in a finish with destiny challenger Baron Corbin aggressive him after a victory.  
  • Rusev was embarrassed by his discerning detriment to Randy Orton during SummerSlam, observant he returned to Bulgaria as a crook nonetheless would recover his torpedo instinct and “break a legend.”
  • Ronda Rousey was in a crowd during SmackDown to watch a uncover and be in assemblage as her friend, Shana Bazler, competed in a finals of Mae Young Classic after a program.
  • Women’s Championship — Natalya (c) def. Naomi around submission: As Carmella and James Ellsworth began to confuse Natalya, Naomi pacifist over a tip wire to clean out a heels. Natalya took advantage by throwing Naomi into a steel stairs and rolling her behind in a ring for a Sharpshooter. 
  •  Dolph Ziggler ran by his new gimmick again, claiming he’s a “best in-ring performer in WWE history” and going behind to a mixed entrances. First, he came out like Bayley nonetheless stopped and punched a Bayley buddy. Then he pronounced he would lapse as an overrated performer, donning a Ultimate Warrior facade and tassels before using to a ring and jolt a ropes. “Anyone can do [the entrances], nonetheless no one can do what we can do in this ring. No one!” he exclaimed, clarifying that even nonetheless it was loyal a fans did not care.
  • Shelton Benjamin Chad Gable def. The Hype Bros around pinfall: The compare played off a still-developing chemistry of Benjamin Gable, while also environment a theatre for a Hype Bros separate with Zack Ryder being indignant during Mojo Rawley for withdrawal him exposed in a finish.

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