WWE SmackDown results, review: AJ Styles steals show, dual WrestleMania matches set

March 15, 2017 - WWE

Tuesday night’s book of WWE SmackDown Live felt accurately like a uncover treading H2O with 3 weeks to go until WrestleMania 33. That is to contend it did a decent pursuit environment adult matches for a uncover nonetheless achieved small else.

The standout impulse of a night, of course, was an murderous AJ Styles delivering a heartless violence to SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon in a garage apportionment of a backstage area. Styles, hurt over being screwed out of churned deserved WWE pretension matches, took it out on McMahon by throwing him head-first by a automobile window.

It didn’t take prolonged for McMahon to redeem and set an approaching compare with Styles for a “Showcase of a Immortals,” nonetheless we will have to wait a week to see where WWE goes with a new booking.

Let’s take a demeanour during what went down Tuesday night on SmackDown. 

WWE SmackDown formula and review

In a ring — AJ Styles: Interrupting ubiquitous manager Daniel Bryan, Styles demanded to see commissioner Shane McMahon — who was not during a locus nonetheless — and headed towards a ring. Styles voiced how SmackDown has screwed him over 4 or 5 times recently between never removing a one-on-one rematch with John Cena and afterwards losing his warranted WWE pretension shot during WrestleMania 33. He was after shown unresolved out in a garage backstage watchful for McMahon to arrive.

Strong promo by Styles. This total with his antics in a chimpanzee position following final week’s SmackDown are providing a good height for a WrestleMania compare with McMahon. I’m meddlesome to see if it’s going to solve itself this week or play out by subsequent week.

Becky Lynch def. Natalya around submission: Lynch took a advantage late and sealed in Dis-Arm-Her for a victory. After a match, Carmella jumped in a ring and kicked both Lynch and Natalya in a jaw. 

I find it bizarre that a ring announcer has to privately announce when there’s a “women’s division” match. They do it for a cruiserweight division, too, nonetheless it’s transparent WWE is perplexing to singular that out by weight class. They don’t announce “men’s division” or “tag group division” or anything of a sort. Anyway, we digress. Get used to these incomprehensible one-on-one matches over a subsequent few weeks.

Miz TV with The Miz, Maryse, John Cena and Nikki Bella: The integrate recounted all that happened final week and continued repetition opposite Cena and Bella being a feign couple. Maryse also flashed her rendezvous ring and pronounced Bella was sceptical of that since she would never get one, going so distant as to call her a “lying, backstabbing bitch.” With that, Cena and Bella strike a ring as Miz and Maryse cowered away. Bella strike behind pursuit Maryse a “brainless, boneless blow-up doll” who was incomprehensible and usually hold Miz’s arm each night before severe her to a match. When Miz declined on her behalf, Bryan came out and finished a churned tab group compare we’ve all approaching during WrestleMania. 

Wait … is Cena going to introduce in a ring during WrestleMania after they win? Line of a night was delivered by Bryan while creation this compare (see superlatives). The mic work from Miz and Maryse was repeated and got aged quick.

Mickie James def. Alexa Bliss around pinfall: This was a non-title match, of course. It seemed as if Bliss had knocked James out late in a match, nonetheless James was usually personification possum and strike a Mick Kick out of nowhere for a win.

Backstage — Styles attacks McMahon: Styles was still watchful in a garage backstage during a mid indicate of a uncover when McMahon arrived. He hid behind a automobile and afterwards blindsided McMahon, throwing him into a garage door. Styles afterwards ran McMahon into a automobile doorway and rammed him head-first into a driver’s side backseat window. McMahon refused to be taken to a puncture room nonetheless authorised confidence to support him behind to a trainer’s room. As Styles attempted to leave a arena, Bryan stopped him, called him a doormat and pronounced he mislaid all honour for him. Styles dared Bryan to glow him, so that’s accurately what Bryan did while confidence escorted Styles out of a building.

Guess that answers my question. No wait for escalation. It’s on. Interesting how WWE had a camera incidentally set in a behind window of a car to constraint it perfectly.

Mojo Rawley def. Dolph Ziggler around countout: Ziggler got fed adult with Rawley while outward a ring and motionless to travel to a behind rather than continue.

Remember when Ziggler was in a WWE pretension design and it looked like he competence get a push?

Confrontation — Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt: Orton explained his methodology in befriending and afterwards branch on Wyatt, a WWE champion. “If we can’t kick ‘em, join ‘em … and when a timing’s right, screw ‘em,” he pronounced before irreverence to God that he would take a pretension during WrestleMania. Wyatt responded around satellite observant Sister Abagail lives by him now as he burnished her damp remains and those of a burned-down residence to baptize himself and turn innate again.

Backstage — Baron Corbin: Standing in front of a forklift identical to a one he used final week, Corbin pronounced he puts people down, including those like Dean Ambrose who presumably get adult from anything. Corbin afterwards strictly challenged Ambrose for his intercontinental pretension during WrestleMania and betrothed to put him down for good.

The Orton-Wyatt shred did not accomplish most in furthering a rave for their WrestleMania match, nonetheless I’m also not certain what could’ve finished so during this point.  Ideally a Ambrose-Corbin showdown will be a falls count anywhere match. we was always a fan of a “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Crush compare during WrestleMania X.

The Usos def. American Alpha around pinfall: The comparatively brief compare was overlooked twice by a promote group as McMahon was shown in a backstage area walking to a ring. The Usos picked adult a purify win by initial knocking Chad Gable off a tip wire before superkicking Jason Jordan and scoring a roll-up 1-2-3.

That will set adult a apparent WrestleMania compare for a SmackDown tab group titles, nonetheless child was it muted and forgettable. Seems like a kickoff uncover compare to me, that is a contrition since it could’ve been requisitioned improved and was totally lost about final week.

On theatre — Shane McMahon: McMahon was short, elementary and to a point: “AJ Styles says he doesn’t have an competition during WrestleMania? He does now.” There were no sum supposing on a chapter for a match, nonetheless that could positively come in a subsequent week or two.

WWE SmackDown superlatives

Line of a night: “The fact that we betrothed me something special [on Miz TV] and didn’t deliver, it creates me wish to punch we in a face. And afterwards we showed that shave of Talking Smack and that reminds me of each time we cut me off and massage it in my face that we can’t combat anyore — and that creates me unequivocally wish to punch we in a face. And that reminds me of each time we go in a ring and we immitate my moves and we do it unequivocally feeble — and that really, unequivocally creates me wish to punch we in a face. And a fact that we can’t punch we in a face — and we know it, and we take advantage of that — creates me wish to punch we in a face even more.” — Daniel Bryan to The Miz

MVP — AJ Styles: we roughly went with Bryan here since he was so concerned in a uncover and valid to consistently effective when he was on screen, nonetheless a usually genuine takeaway from SmackDown was a show’s No. 2 WrestleMania compare in Styles vs. McMahon. To that end, Styles did a plain pursuit in recounting all a ways in that he got jobbed in sequence to clear his annoy during McMahon. He also gets additional credit for his off-the-air shred final week on Talking Smack.

Overall: Nothing most to write home about here. After weeks of clearly being improved than Raw, SmackDown took a step behind with comparatively incomprehensible matches and delayed pacing. The saving graces were a discerning Styles-McMahon build and Bryan’s opening on a evening. Grade: C

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