WWE Smackdown Results & Spoilers for May 14th, 2015

May 13, 2015 - WWE

Payback is moulding adult to be flattering solid, and now that a WWE has introduced a further of Elimination Chamber for Sunday, May 31st in corpus Christi, Texas, Payback has a possibility to be one of a many indeterminate pay-per-views so distant in 2015.

Randy Orton was not in action, however, all 3 former members of a Shield were — all 3 of those group will contest in Sunday’s categorical eventuality during Payback for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship exclusively on a WWE Network.

This week’s Smackdown taping was from a Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana. Here are a Smackdown taping formula for May 14th, 2015;

– Dean Ambrose opens Smackdown with a promo about Sunday’s categorical event. Roman Reigns comes out, and afterwards Kane shortly after. After Ambrose creates fun of Kane, Kane creates a compare for Dean that starts immediately.

Dean Ambrose degraded Sheamus — good match, Ambrose, after losing to Sheamus dual weeks before in a King of a Ring Quarterfinals, looked clever here.

– Kane and Seth Rollins argued backstage (what’s new). Kane creates another match, Rollins vs. Ryback for after in a night.

– Rusev and Lana come out together. The throng cheers extravagantly for Lana to a exasperation of Rusev. Rusev creates Lana apologize for her actions and for acknowledging a WWE Universe. Seems like Lana is set to spin face on Sunday.

– Seth Rollins degraded Ryback — Rollins came out before a compare and complained. Ryback came out next, though Bray Wyatt came out to conflict Ryback. The compare started after and Rollins took advantage of a conflict to better a enervated Ryback.

– Tyson Kidd degraded Kofi Kingston

– Neville degraded Bo Dallas — King Barrett seemed ringside on commentary. Barrett and Neville are arrange of stability their argument that isn’t unequivocally going on. Neville degraded Bo in a rather easy match.

– Roman Reigns degraded Kane — in a compare that was billed as a “Win By Pinfall or Submission Only” on RAW, Reigns degraded Kane with a Spear. Both other members of a Shield looked clever before Sunday’s Payback categorical event.

A hunch: we don’t consider Ambrose nor Reigns are branch heel on Sunday. If Ambrose is incited heel, a WWE risks a throng recoil and boos towards Roman Reigns again. Reigns’ spin would be some-more organic, though he’s solemnly been gaining some-more cheers in a final month. Although he isn’t receiving John Cena like face reactions, there’s no need for a heel turn, unless they devise on branch Rollins face someday before Summerslam when Brock Lesnar returns. On second thought… substantially not.

— Also, it was announced on Monday Night RAW that due to a new MRI result, Daniel Bryan can't contest and forced himself to relinquish a Intercontinental Championship. Get good soon, DB!

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