WWE Smackdown Results: Winners, Analysis, Reaction And Highlights From Dec 6

December 7, 2016 - WWE

James Ellsworth had to answer for his actions during TLC tonight, though a chinless was ostensible to have a World Heavyweight pretension compare opposite AJ Styles tonight on Smackdown. That didn’t occur as Styles was nursing an injury.

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The late growth forced a uncover to go to a Plan B. Here are a formula as they happened.

Results and Analysis

The TLC Main Event Participants Meet in a Ring

The uncover starts with AJ Styles in a center of a ring and he’s wearing a walking boot. He addresses his habit malfunction from TLC, and plays decorous about a “injury.” Styles says he’s not medically privileged to give Ellsworth his pretension shot.

Ellsworth comes out and accuses Styles of ducking him. Thankfully, Dean Ambrose emerges. Without observant a word, he walks into a ring and gives Ellsworth Dirty Deeds. He immediately turns and walks backstage.

Will Styles face Ellsworth tonight? Stay tuned.

Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt def. Heath Slater and Rhyno

Is it only me, or does anyone else consider Slater and Rhyno are about to blur into a midcard?

They were broken in their rematch with a new champions on Smackdown. Most trust Orton will spin on Bray, though as of now, a dual Superstars seem to be building a stronger bond. Check out this positively absurd total finisher on Slater that preceded a pin:

Orton and Wyatt are strictly a coolest tag-team champions in some time.

Carmella Confronts Natalya About Her Alleged Attack on Nikki

There was ostensible to be a compare between Carmella and Natalya, though once a latter went in on Natty’s impasse with Nikki’s waylay during a Survivor Series, things erupted into a brawl. Natty chased Carmella backstage where a Queen of Black Hearts ran into Nikki.

Natalya pleaded her case, though Nikki only walked away.

Baron Corbin Does Some Really Bad Mic Work

Blame it on a essay or terrible timing. Whatever a case, Baron delivered a horrible promo forward of his compare with Kalisto. The Luchador gave a brief pre-match spiel moments earlier, and it wasn’t most better.

The Hype Bros def. Ascension

I unequivocally like a Hype Bros and we can’t mount a Ascension, so a outcome of this compare was great. However, a compare wasn’t really exciting. Let’s see a Ascension face The Vaudevillains, another group that has no destiny or appeal.

The compare finished with a Hype Ryder. we adore that move.

The Miz and Dean Ambrose Kill It on Miz TV

No one on Smackdown besides Styles is some-more income than a Miz. He again delivers in a vital approach with constrained mic work on Miz TV. He vibrated Ambrose in a approach that froze a absurd chants from a crowd and forced them to  pay attention.

Ambrose wasn’t bad as his annoy usually rose until he was prepared to slice The Miz apart. The final straw came when The Miz attempted to give Ambrose a coming prize for his efforts during TLC.

Daniel Bryan’s song strike and a Smackdown General Manager put The Miz in an IC pretension compare opposite Ambrose.

This was a best shred of a uncover adult to this point.

Baron Corbin def. Kalisto

These dual worked nonetheless another good match. Of course, Corbin won, though Kalisto’s batch was still bolstered. Hopefully, this argument stops here. Kalisto can never get a improved for Corbin, it’s not best for business. The End of Days Corbin nailed Kalisto with was beautifully executed and ideally sold.

Kalisto needs to make a warn coming on 205 Live so that he can strictly join a Cruiserweight division.

Chad Gable def. Tyler Breeze

If you’re looking for immature guys who have a intensity to turn one of a destiny singles mega stars, demeanour no serve than Chad Gable. This man has it all. He’s got a look, a strength, a athleticism and his mic work is removing better.

This competence sound like high praise, though we see a reduction of Owen Hart and Kurt Angle in him. He finished Breeze with an O’Connor Roll that explodes into a German Suplex with a overpass pin.

Obviously, he can’t do this pierce opposite a bigger opponent, though it was still flattering spectacular.

Alexa Bliss’ Championship Celebration

The new Smackdown women’s champion was in a ring for her celebration, though a unruly throng threw her off her game. She attempted to rebound, though it felt like a shred was somewhat abbreviated.

In any case, Becky came out to a ring and demanded a rematch. Alexa corroborated off and left Becky in a ring.

Alexa is going to have to learn how to close a throng down.  It’s an essential talent all heels contingency have in this day and age.

(c) The Miz def. Dean Ambrose

This was a well-worked match. It wasn’t utterly main-event worthy, though given Styles appears to be legitimately injured, it was a best a Blue Brand could do. At a wilful impulse of a match, Ambrose went atop a wire to set Ambrose adult for a leaping elbow.

Maryse strike Ambrose low and done him tumble from his perch.

Ellsworth came to a ring to tell a arbitrate that Maryse had gotten involved, though his participation means a daze that set adult The Miz’s Skull-Crushing Finale and a win.

This was not a quite clever show, though I’m not certain how many skeleton had to be altered with Styles out of action.


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