WWE Smackdown Results: Winners, Analysis, Reaction and Highlights From Jan 17

January 18, 2017 - WWE

The Blue Brand has been on a hurl of late. The WWE is in Memphis and there will be a women’s steel enclosure compare for a Smackdown pretension as good as some-more from The Wyatt Family, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, John Cena and more.

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Here’s a formula and analysis.

The Miz Steals a Show

Shane McMahon opens a uncover to a outrageous pop. He told us a categorical eventuality of a Elimination Chamber will be a conflict for a WWE Championship. AJ Styles doesn’t like this announcement.

He shows adult and berates Shane for creation a match.

The Miz afterwards comes to a ring and deems himself a ideal fit for a match. He and Styles go nose-to-nose and trade insults. The Miz says “I was violence adult John Cena before it was cool.”

That’s a mic-drop moment.

Shane creates an evident compare between The Miz and Styles, and I’m already excited.

Ambrose Wants Orton

Dean Ambrose wants a new title. He says The IC pretension “smells like cocoa butter and cucumbers” after being in The Miz’s possession. That ask was denied, though when Ambrose asks if he can face Randy Orton, Shane-O-Mac obliges.

AJ Styles def. The Miz by DQ

A solidly worked compare had an anticlimactic, though suitable ending. Styles and The Miz can clearly work a five-star match, though it’s not time only yet. Cena was on explanation and Styles attempted to chuck The Miz into The Franchise.

Cena held him and tossed The A-Lister aside. He chased Styles, though a champion got away.

The Miz attempted to conflict Cena from behind, though a try backfired on him. Cena strike him with an Attitude Adjustment and delivered a same pierce to Styles as he attempted to land a Phenomenal Forearm.

Nikki and Natty Brawl Again

Nikki Bella wanted Natalya to accommodate her in a center of a ring, though The Queen of Black Hearts refuses. Instead, she is station in a crowd. She leads courtesy to a Titantron as she walks adult to a sell stand. Nikki follows her there and attacks.

The dual fight in front of fans in a well-executed melee.

This argument has featured so many vital brawls, it seems it has to cap with some arrange of thesis match.

Dean Ambrose def. Randy Orton

The Viper and The Lunatic Fringe battled for about 15 minutes. The movement wasn’t all that great. Orton had to work a bit slower than normal to perform during Ambrose’s pace. Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt were ringside,  and they would eventually play a purpose in a result.

In a latter entertain of a match, Ambrose’s self-murder dive was ostensible to strike Orton, though Harper got in a approach and took a shot.

Harper hopped on a apron to confront Orton and a daze authorised Ambrose to secure a win with a Schoolboy. The Wyatt Family was again during odds. This time, Orton and Harper came to blows as Bray attempted to apart them.

Bray afterwards struck Harper, that seemed to designate a Eater of Worlds holding a side. Harper left a ring saying: “he did this.” Has a Family finally been severed? We should find out some-more after in a show.

Dolph Ziggler Attacks Jerry Lawler

In box we had any doubt either Dolph Ziggler was a bone-fide heel, he put those questions to rest on Tuesday. After being questioned by Jerry “The King” Lawler in an part of The King’s court, Ziggler had a guys in a lorry move adult footage of him regularly bend dropping a Hall of Famer mins before he suffered a real-life heart attack.

Yeah, that was a small uncomfortable.

Lawler called Ziggler a crook and The ShowOff super kicked him in a chest. JBL hopped in a ring as Ziggler walked away.

Lawler got to his feet and called after Ziggler, though he kept walking.

Randy Orton Will Take on Luke Harper

Bray Wyatt reaffirms a inclusion of a whole Family in a Royal Rumble, though first, Orton and Harper will accommodate in a compare to settle their differences on subsequent week’s part of Smackdown.

(c) Alexa Bliss def. Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage Match

Mickie James is behind in a WWE. She was unprotected as a La Luchadora. James had been sauce adult as La Luchadora for weeks and interfering in matches between Bliss and Becky Lynch. She did it again on Tuesday and she blocked a enclosure doorway as Lynch attempted to escape.

Moments later, she would flog Lynch in a face to mangle adult a Dis-Arm-Her. That authorised Bliss to plant Lynch with a DDT and get a pinfall.

Bliss and La Luchadora started to work Lynch over, though a latter would spin a tables. She knocked Bliss down and afterwards yanked off a La Luchadora facade to exhibit James as a imposter.

The Smackdown multiplication desperately indispensable another distinguished female, and James isn’t a bad addition. This finished another clever uncover from a Blue Brand.

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