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August 24, 2014 - WWE

Seth Rollins done his opening following a discerning promo from Randy Orton to get a uncover started. The dual shook hands on a ramp to uncover their devotion to a Authority and any other.

Rollins took on Jack Swagger in a opening compare of a evening. This is an engaging matchup since one is a powerhouse technician and one other is an acrobatic technician.

There has been probably no communication between these dual before this bout, though they seemed to rise a flattering good chemistry really quickly.

Rollins picked adult a feat around countout after attack a Curb Stomp as Swagger was removing behind into a ring, promulgation him behind to a outside.

Normally, countout victories seem like idle writing, though this worked best for everyone. Rollins was a apparent leader from a start, though carrying Swagger remove by countout keeps him from looking weak.

Bo Dallas came out after it was all over and told Swagger to keep Bolieving. He pronounced he wanted to collect adult where Swagger left off and turn a new American sweetheart, whatever that means.


Grade: B

Some records from a match:

  • Rollins took a page out of Shawn Michaels’ book when he did a small hurl onto a turnbuckle after being Irish churned into a corner.
  • The mark where Swagger picked adult Rollins and took both of them over a tip wire looked dangerous.
  • Swagger is anticipating some-more and some-more artistic ways to put his competition into a Patriot Lock.
  • JBL called Bo Dallas a new Shirley Temple. It would be engaging to see a statistic of how many WWE fans indeed know who Shirley Temple is and because she’s such a fable in Hollywood.

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