WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Feb 25

February 26, 2016 - WWE

Kevin Owens threw down an open plea progressing in a night, and Big Show answered a call. We have seen Owens take on powerhouses, high flyers and technicians, though this is one of a initial times we got to see how he did opposite a giant.

Owens took a quarrel right to Big Show, though Show’s distance advantage helped him get a tip palm from a opening bell.

Owens used his speed to get in some offense, that is a judgment we don’t see really often. Owens is quick, though he is frequency faster than his opponents.

KO managed to hang Show adult on a tip ropes so when he rolled to a outside, he was incompetent to kick a count behind into a ring.

Count-out victories are frequency a approach to go, though this was one of those singular situations in that it worked out. This expected won’t be a final time these dual cranky paths, so it was a right call to have Owens win this way.


Grade: C+


Notes and Highlights

  • It’s humorous how Big Show can remove so many matches though still be requisitioned like he is a hazard to anyone he stairs in a ring with. WWE needs to give him a winning strain to make him demeanour like a beast again.
  • Owens sole a slap a chest like he was strike with a car.
  • Owens refrained from derisive a announcers this week.

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