WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Jan 7

January 8, 2016 - WWE

The Miz hosted a special part of MizTV dedicated to a Royal Rumble. He attempted to speak about how critical this year’s eventuality is given a WWE World Heavyweight Championship is on a line, though he was fast interrupted by The New Day.

They were shortly assimilated by Dolph Ziggler, Goldust, Neville and The Miz’s former tab group partner, R-Truth. Ziggler seemed like he was a usually chairman who was happy Truth was there, though he wasn’t there to enter a Rumble. Truth suspicion he was responding a U.S. Open plea from Del Rio.

As expected, a fight erupted that led to an eight-man tab match. These kinds of bouts can possibly be rarely interesting or a sum letdown.

Unfortunately, this one didn’t collect adult until Neville and Kofi Kingston started doing all a things that make them fun to watch.

Ziggler got a win for his group with a superkick to The Miz. Then he done a matter by superkicking Truth and throwing Goldust over a tip wire as a approach of display how most he wants to win a Royal Rumble.

The speak uncover shred and compare supposing some good entertainment, and that is unequivocally a best we can wish for when this many people are involved.


Grade: B


Notes and Highlights

  • I adore how Big E sensitive everybody of a scold diction of .gif. It indeed is conspicuous like a peanut butter brand.
  • The Miz removing dissapoint about losing control of his possess uncover will never get old. He is a lot funnier than people give him credit for.
  • The New Day, Ziggler, Truth and The Miz contributed to creation this one of a improved episodes of MizTV in utterly some time. Truth’s uncanny gimmick is removing funnier each time he appears since it happens irregularly instead of each week.
  • The Miz dancing with The New Day supposing a few laughs.

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