WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Jun 4

June 5, 2015 - WWE

Sheamus and Roman Reigns have been in a same ring before, though this felt like a uninformed matchup since they don’t face any other really often.

Reigns has softened a lot over a past 6 months, though Sheamus is a kind of talent who creates everybody step adult their game.

Sheamus tranquil a movement via many of a match, with Reigns spasmodic removing in a bit of offense. Every pierce looked like it was punishing Reigns’ ribs, even a ones he was conflict on Sheamus.

Kane and JJ Security came down and caused a suspension by aggressive Reigns. He fought behind valiantly, though he was taken out when Sheamus assimilated in.

Then, out of nowhere, Kane forsaken Sheamus with a chokeslam and announced that he will be participating in a MITB match. Before a uncover ended, he delivered one final chokeslam to Reigns for good measure.

It would have been good to see a purify finish after a really earthy match, though that is apparently seeking too most these days.


Grade: C+

Notes and Highlights

  • Reigns did a good pursuit offered his injuries from Raw. Superstars redeem too quick from heartless beatings these days, so saying someone indeed play adult an conflict is refreshing.
  • Those welts on Sheamus’ behind demeanour really painful.
  • Why were JJ Security even out there? All they did was applause for Kane after he took out Sheamus and Reigns by himself. Is there a share on how many appearances they have to make any week?

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