WWE SmackDown: Spoiler-Free Preview for Jul 2

July 2, 2015 - WWE

Familiar foes will accommodate on a initial WWE SmackDown of June. Ryback, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns all face off with rivals they have sealed horns with several times in a past. 

As WWE continues to in. toward Battleground on Jul 19, Ryback and association find movement forward of a pay-per-view. 

Monday’s Raw saw Wyatt go on a conflict and The Big Guy watch as his would-be chase scampered out of a ring. Does success keep entrance for both group on Thursday’s SmackDown? Does WWE attain in elevating a passion in all of Battleground’s pivotal feuds?

On Tuesday night, fans inside the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, saw those questions get answered.

The pre-taped uncover won’t atmosphere on Syfy until Thursday during 8 p.m. ET. Spoilers are easy to find, yet for those who wish to equivocate them, a following results-free preview takes a demeanour during all a matches on tap.


Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Old rivals accommodate once again. When these dual collided in a brief argument early this year, Wyatt came out on top, stuffing Ambrose into an ambulance to move that story to a close.

Wyatt is now looking to comfortable adult for a showdown with Ambrose’s buddy, Reigns. The Lunatic Fringe, meanwhile, does not have a compare set adult for Battleground. 

Is he only a steppingstone here, or does he get some-more concerned in a Reigns-Wyatt adversary somehow?

Regardless of either this advances anything for The Lunatic Fringe, it promises to be a good bit of action. Ambrose and Wyatt have good chemistry together, as both group customarily provide TV matches as if they were a marquee bouts of a pay-per-view. 


R-Truth vs. Adam Rose

The little-used Rose gets an event during momentum.

After ditching a Rosebuds, a celebration animal’s impression has grown darker. He’s taken to kissing Rosa Mendes backstage and has had few other contributions to WWE programming lately. A win over R-Truth isn’t career-changing, yet it would be a step adult for someone who is so used to a sidelines.

R-Truth will be adored in his matchup as he sits aloft on a WWE hierarchy than Rose.

Whether or not he dons a towel as a garment and carries around a plunger as a sovereignty will be an denote of either his adversary with King Barrett is still ongoing, or if WWE has only forsaken a angle. If it’s still on, a rapping wrestler will demeanour to one-up his enemy. On Monday’s Raw, Barrett knocked off Jack Swagger.

It’s R-Truth’s spin to get a win unless Rosa and Rose can group adult for an upset.


Ryback vs. Mark Henry

One powerhouse serves as credentials for another as Ryback slugs it out with Henry before eventually colliding with Big Show during Battleground.

The Big Guy has piled adult a wins given holding home a empty WWE Intercontinental Championship. WWE hasn’t nonetheless subjected him to a common fibre of non-title waste that customarily raid midcard champs. He has a possibility to continue that hurl opposite a male who kick him during WrestleMania 29. 

Credit: WWE.com

The Miz got some-more concerned in a three-man argument over a IC belt on Monday’s Raw interjection to a showdown with Ryback.

There’s a possibility that he, Big Show or both challengers make their participation felt here with some multiplication or a post-match beatdown. That’s Henry’s best wish for a win. WWE has treated him recently as a saved encouragement talent.


Brie Bella vs. Naomi

This compare offers another section in a “Bellas contra everybody else” story. Paige has been outspoken about her issues with a twin sisters. She hasn’t gained any supporters yet instead watched as Naomi and Tamina Snuka have butted heads with Nikki and Brie. 

The angle facilities an peculiar heel-against-heel energetic that doesn’t seem to be heading anywhere during a moment.

With Alicia Fox during their side, a Bellas have dominated their meetings with Naomi and Snuka. The many jaunty wrestler in a women’s multiplication looks to change that settlement on Thursday’s SmackDown.

The possibility for things to grow pell-mell with Nikki, Fox and Snuka certain to be unresolved around is high.


The Ascension vs. The Prime Time Players

For Viktor and Konnor, their SmackDown assignment is an event to make a matter opposite a tab champs or a means for them to ambience better again.

The Ascension have been a tab division’s pushovers for a many part. Should they win in this non-title contest, though, they will immediately stand into a row for pretension contention.

Credit: WWE.com

While Titus O’Neil and Darren Young have been requisitioned clever as of late, a fact that The New Day might offer a daze or a inexpensive shot or dual should they come to ringside increases The Ascension’s chances of doing a unexpected.


Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

If given adequate time, this is potentially a pay-per-view-quality matchup on SmackDown, something we haven’t seen mostly in new years.

While Reigns’ categorical concentration in on Wyatt, he has been tangling with Rollins a lot as of late as well. Most recently, he and Ambrose mislaid to Kane and Rollins on Monday’s Raw interjection in vast partial to The Eater of Worlds laying him out on a floor.

Can Reigns get by this conflict but that beast pouncing again? Will Rollins have to count on his cronies to get a win here?

With a strife opposite Brock Lesnar lined adult for Rollins, WWE should concentration on showcasing how dangerous he is. Taking out his aged fan in convincing conform would be a large step in doing only that.

Like SmackDown’s opener, this should be a provide to watch regardless of who comes out on top. Those dual bouts are a highlights of an differently unappetizing card. 

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