WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for Apr 23

April 22, 2015 - WWE

The penultimate stop on a highway to Extreme Rules rolled by Providence, Rhode Island, Tuesday night as WWE taped a Apr 23 part of SmackDown.

On a heels of Raw, where he found out that disloyal Authority partner Kane would offer as a gatekeeper of his WWE World Heavyweight Championship invulnerability opposite Randy Orton Sunday night, Seth Rollins again found himself during contingency with a Director of Operations. He was afterwards placed in a tab group categorical eventuality opposite a dual group he once deliberate brothers, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

With Luke Harper by his side, a former Architect of The Shield would demeanour to say his movement streamer into his outrageous championship strife with The Viper.

Did he succeed? Was Rollins means to collect adult a signature win over his former stablemates, or did a Lunatic Fringe and a juggernaut frustrate his try to collect adult his second televised win of a week?

Find out now, along with a rest of a spoilers for this Thursday’s broadcast, pleasantness of Raj Giri over during WrestlingInc.com.



Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island


Broadcast Team

Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Jerry “The King” Lawler



  • Seth Rollins kicked off a show, flanked by Kane and JJ Security. He done fun of Kane, who suggested that a WWE universe heavyweight champion lay down for him to lapse a preference a Director of Operations did for him.
  • Kane vs. Seth Rollins finished in a non-contest when Kane suggested that he was kidding, instead engagement Rollins opposite former opposition Dean Ambrose. Luke Harper pounded Ambrose and afterwards was assimilated by Rollins, withdrawal Roman Reigns to make a save. A tab group compare was requisitioned for a night’s categorical event.
  • Neville and Dolph Ziggler degraded Sheamus and Bad News Barrett when Neville pinned Barrett. 
  • Naomi degraded Natalya.
  • Ryback degraded Rusev by suspension when a Bulgarian Brute used a Russian chain. Rusev practical The Accolade with a assistance of a chain.
  • Kofi Kingston degraded Cesaro in a compare riddled with outward division from The New Day and Tyson Kidd.
  • Reigns and Ambrose degraded Rollins and Luke Harper when Reigns pinned Rollins following a spear. The categorical eventuality was pronounced to be a really good match.



The Main Event

Reigns indispensable to recover some movement streamer into his Last Man Standing compare opposite Big Show during Extreme Rules, and he got it in a form of a pinfall feat over a male who cost him a eventuality to leave WrestleMania as a WWE universe heavyweight champion, Seth Rollins.

It is a clever engagement preference because, now, WWE Creative can revisit that win as it attempts to re-position Reigns as a tip contender to a many desired esteem in a sport. Coming out of Extreme Rules, he can explain to have a pinfall feat over a champion and, thus, is many honourable of a pretension opportunity.

As for Ambrose and Harper, it is good to see their underrated adversary accept some-more bearing on WWE programming, generally after what was really plain engagement on Raw.

The continued contention between Rollins and Kane progressing in a show, that helped to set adult a categorical event, is a some-more fantastic build to an intriguing component surrounding Sunday’s categorical event, not to discuss a plain section in a Corporate Demon’s resurgence.


Credit: WWE.com

Intercontinental Championship Intrigue

With Daniel Bryan’s health still a mystery, it appears as yet WWE might have planted a seeds for a intensity deputy for a stream intercontinental champion when it requisitioned Neville to group with Ziggler in a outrageous tab group compare opposite Sheamus and Bad News Barrett Tuesday night. 

If that is a case, it would be a vital indicator of a company’s faith and trust in a immature Brit, notwithstanding his singular bearing on a categorical roster. If competing opposite former heavyweight champions, such as Sheamus and Ziggler, was not enough, potentially being catapulted into a championship unfolding due to injuries suffered by Bryan would be a vital pat on a behind for his early success.

Of course, it is all conjecture during this indicate as no preference has been rendered in courtesy to Bryan’s standing for his Extreme Rules pretension defense, during slightest according to WWE.com.

The fact that Neville was placed in a tab match, with a talent involved, suggests that WWE Creative could be disposition that approach if a personality of a “Yes Movement” is incompetent to compete.

Either way, unresolved with a likes of Ziggler, Barrett and Sheamus is a good approach to win a honour of those fans who have not followed his course from NXT to a categorical roster. 

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