WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for Dec 17

December 16, 2015 - WWE

Kevin Owens is a male on a goal to revive his ego and championship reign, as witnessed by a considerable beatdown that left Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose fibbing in a ring on Monday Night Raw. Tuesday night, WWE rolled into Newark, New Jersey, for this week’s SmackDown tapings, with Owens battling Ziggler in a night’s categorical event.

Not usually would a competition offer as atonement for The Showoff, though it would also potentially mortar Owens behind into pretension row if he could measure a feat over a former heavyweight champion of a world.

But would a competition go uninterrupted, or would Dean Ambrose make his participation felt, with The Lunatic Fringe seeking reprisal for a violence he endured on Raw?

What about Ambrose’s closest friend, Roman Reigns—the new WWE universe heavyweight champion following his win over Sheamus Monday night? Would his jubilee lift over to SmackDown, or would The Authority have something to contend about it?

Ryback, The League of Nations, The Lucha Dragons and The New Day were all in movement elsewhere on a label as WWE Creative attempted to continue a call of movement that began Sunday during TLC and rolled into Raw only 24 hours later.

Fans in New Jersey know what to design when a uncover hits a SyFy airwaves this Thursday night. Now we can too, pleasantness of a friends during WrestlingInc.com (h/t Marc Middleton).



  • WWE universe heavyweight champion Roman Reigns kicked off a show. Sheamus interrupted his promo and vowed to win a pretension behind before divulgence that Reigns is underneath investigation. Furthermore, he is criminialized from a arena. Security attempted to chaperon a champion out, though he demolished them all.
  • United States champion Alberto Del Rio degraded Ryback after The League of Nations interfered. After a match, a heels kick The Big Guy down.
  • Titus O’Neil degraded Tyler Breeze. During a match, Goldust came to ringside and took selfies with Summer Rae in a VIP section.
  • The Lucha Dragons degraded WWE tab group champions The New Day in a non-title compare when Kalisto pinned Kofi Kingston.
  • Becky Lynch degraded Brie Bella around submission. Charlotte tripped Brie up, unbeknownst to Becky, heading to a win. Team B.A.D. watched from ringside.
  • Dolph Ziggler degraded Kevin Owens around suspension when Owens threw him over a announce table. After a match, a three-way communication between those dual Superstars and Dean Ambrose finished when Ziggler superkicked a intercontinental champion, withdrawal both babyfaces disposed and Owens shouting out loud.


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WWE appears to be environment in suit a stories that will lift a graduation into a Royal Rumble, that is engaging in that they are maturation on SmackDown—a uncover that is typically a solitude for creativity.

There appears to be a three-way argument between Owens, Ziggler and Ambrose on a horizon, unless The Showoff is simply being used as provender for Owens to play over en track to another compare with The Lunatic Fringe. Either way, saying a IC pretension argument accept as most airtime as it did is refreshing, generally given how feeble managed that championship has been in new months.

After a adversary with Roman Reigns, The League of Nations appears staid to aim Ryback, falling into a midcard where that coterie will best be suited. Though, if a show’s opening shred is any indication, Sheamus is not utterly finished with Reigns yet.

The other engaging growth is a ignition of a adversary between Tyler Breeze and Goldust. While a dual unequivocally do not have most in common, they are both but anything else improved to do. More importantly, they deposit themselves in their characters, that could lead to a bullion cave of interesting element in a entrance weeks.

The Lucha Dragons scoring a non-title win over The New Day feels like a general approach to insert them behind into a pretension hunt, while a serve growth of a Divas story involving Becky Lynch and Charlotte sounds a lot like a same thing that happened Monday night on Raw.

For an part of SmackDown headed into a heart of a holidays, this week’s uncover seems strangely desirous and one that we should go out of your approach to check out. Especially if we are meddlesome to see how WWE follows adult dual buzz-worthy events in succession.

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