WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for Mar 5

March 4, 2015 - WWE

The WWE Intercontinental Championship stays during a core of an heated adversary between some of a company’s many gifted stars, and Thursday night on SmackDown, fans can design a story involving a distinguished delegate pretension to browbeat a program.

On Tuesday night, World Wrestling Entertainment rolled into a nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., for this week’s SmackDown tapings.

The uncover would be headlined by a outrageous tab group compare pitting stream IC champion Bad News Barrett and Luke Harper opposite “The Show Off” Dolph Ziggler and a “Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose.

Also in a residence was Roman Reigns, who addressed Paul Heyman’s  from Raw and his WrestleMania categorical eventuality opposite Brock Lesnar.

After United States champion Rusev viciously assaulted Jack Swagger on final week’s broadcast, Swagger attempted to benefit a magnitude of revenge. Meanwhile, AJ Lee done her in-ring return, squaring off with Brie Bella in singles competition.

With a spotlight precisely on a WrestleMania undercard, and a intercontinental pretension again holding core stage, this week’s part of SmackDown is one to locate if we are ill and sleepy of a categorical eventuality matches hidden a spotlight on Monday nights.

Now, we can check out all that went down during Tuesday’s tapings, pleasantness of a friends over during Wrestling Inc!



Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.


Broadcast Team

Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and John Bradshaw Layfield



  • Ziggler kicked off a show, deliberating how most a intercontinental pretension and a event to recover it meant to him. He called out Daniel Bryan in an try to speak him into fasten a Ladder compare during WrestleMania, though Bad News Barrett interrupted. This brought out Luke Harper and Ambrose, heading to a fight between all 4 competitors. Meanwhile, R-Truth slid into a ring and stole a belt.
  • Backstage, Truth attempted to give a pretension to Renee Young, though she insisted that he lapse it to Ambrose.
  • Tag group champions Tyson Kidd and Cesaro degraded Los Matadores.
  • Ryback degraded Kane with a Meat Hook clothesline. After a match, Kane immediately requisitioned Ryback in another match.
  • Big Show degraded Ryback when Kane interfered.
  • Bray Wyatt cut another Undertaker-centered promo.
  • The Bella Twins cut a promo on #GiveDivasAChance and Lee’s return.
  • Lee degraded Brie Bella with a Black Widow. Paige prevented Nikki Bella from interfering.
  • Rusev degraded Swagger with a Accolade. After a match, Curtis Axel vowed to unleash AxelMania all over Rusev and take a United States Championship.
  • Ziggler and Ambrose degraded Barrett and Harper when Ziggler pinned Harper. After a match, Barrett laid out both opponents and attempted to get his pretension behind from R-Truth. All ruin pennyless remove until Bryan arrived. Truth handed over a pretension belt, though before Bryan could applaud with it, Stardust attacked, posing with a pretension as a uncover went off a air.



It is impossibly lovely to see a intercontinental pretension featured in a argument that dominates a airwaves a approach it will this Thursday on SmackDown.

Of course, personification prohibited potato with a championship creates it demeanour like small some-more than a prop, though on a other hand, to have so many gifted individuals—including former heavyweight champions like Ziggler and Bryanhelps lend credit to what should be an extraordinary Ladder compare during WrestleMania.

Credit: WWE.com

Outside of a horde of Superstars opposed for a IC pretension is Curtis Axel, whose delusional AxelMania transformation is throwing on with fans.

Unfortunately, a cocktail he enjoyed on Monday night might be going to his conduct since pursuit out Rusev and melancholy to take a U.S. pretension is distant from a smartest thing to do.

From a engagement standpoint, however, it is good to see WWE Creative distinguished while a self-evident iron is prohibited with a third-generation star, who took to Twitter and has managed to get himself over in a approach that a essay staff has never been means to.

AJ scoring a win over Brie Bella while Paige kept Nikki during brook seems to lend faith to a thought of a Paige and AJ vs. Bella Twins showdown during WrestleMania while Swagger demonstrated his omnivorous ardour for removing demolished by Rusev.

Overall, WWE did a excellent pursuit of putting a spotlight on a feuds that will support a higher-profile matches on a WrestleMania label come Mar 29.

Odds are that oneor morewill be bumped to a pre-show, though still, a association has ensured that any of a stories will have adequate build to aver a greeting from a doctrinaire throng that will record into Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California for a biggest uncover of a year.

Whether it can continue effectively building a undercard with a plenty volume of time remaining before a spectacular but blazing a assembly out on a matches is a large question.

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