WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for May 28

May 27, 2015 - WWE

With usually one uncover left before a Elimination Chamber pay-per-view exclusively on a WWE Network, a association taped this week’s part of SmackDown in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Tuesday night.

After a scattered Monday night that saw him told off by former manager Lana before gaining a magnitude of punish by assaulting her new child fondle Dolph Ziggler right in front of her, Rusev finished his final preparations for this weekend’s spectacular by battling one of a group who will conflict him in a intercontinental championship Elimination Chamber compare Sunday night, Ryback.

The dual have squared off with any other before, though with a Big Guy’s ribs distant from 100 percent and Rusev meaner and nastier than he has ever been, would Ryback even be means to yield a Bulgarian Brute with a legitimate challenge?

Or would he quarrel by a extensive pain wracking his core to collect adult a all-important victory?

With a No. 1 contender to a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Dean Ambrose in a house, sufficient concentration was certain to be placed on his categorical eventuality compare with Seth Rollins during Elimination Chamber.

What would a Lunatic Fringe have in store for his former Shield mate, not to discuss The Authority, only 72 hours before a many critical compare of his career?

The WWE Universe would get a answers to those questions and some-more Tuesday evening.

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Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre


Broadcast Team

Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Jerry “the King” Lawler



  • Dean Ambrose kicked off a uncover with a promo that discussed his championship compare opposite Seth Rollins this Sunday during Elimination Chamber. A rematch from Raw pitting Ambrose and Reigns opposite Rollins and Kane was set adult for a categorical event.
  • The Lucha Dragons degraded Cesaro and Tyson Kidd in a compare where a other 5 teams in Sunday’s Elimination Chamber compare served as guest lumberjacks.
  • R-Truth pinned King Barrett. After a match, Sheamus strike a ring and intended both group with Brogue Kicks.
  • Paige degraded Naomi.
  • Ryback degraded Rusev by suspension when a Bulgarian Brute sent him headfirst into a steel post.
  • Michael Cole interviewed Kevin Owens about his compare with John Cena on Sunday. Owens discussed destroying Sami Zayn and warned that, if he was peaceful to do that to someone he cared about, suppose what he will do to Cena.
  • Reigns and Ambrose degraded Rollins and Kane around suspension when JJ Security interfered. The New Day interfered, aggressive Ambrose, streamer to Rollins delivering a Pedigree and a heels station high to finish a broadcast.



The howling of The New Day into a categorical eventuality stands out as a many engaging of a occurrences during Tuesday’s taping.

A few weeks back, a tab group championships referenced a tenure “authority” in a promo, though small was finished of it by viewers or commentators. Perhaps that was finished on purpose formed on what happened to tighten out this week’s show.

How that creates clarity given a fact that Director of Operations Kane requisitioned Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston in a 10-on-3 Handicap compare on Monday’s Raw, not to discuss engagement them in an Elimination Chamber compare on Sunday, is a mystery. Still, New Day is super over, and if pairing them with The Authority will assistance rouse their star status, some-more energy to them and a writers scripting them.

Owens’ SmackDown entrance serves as serve explanation that he is gaining momentum, not to discuss a trust of management, streamer into his outrageous compare with Cena. The line about spiteful Zayn and defying a assembly to suppose what he would do to someone he does not caring about like Cena is a income line and one that will certainly safeguard new WWE Network subscriptions.

Finally, a tab group compare between The Lucha Dragons and Tyson Kidd and Cesaro has a makings of a show-stealing eventuality if given adequate time. The teams have demonstrated some plain chemistry on a few occasions they have common a ring. Given a talent of all teams involved, it should be no warn to any fan tuning in if they broach one of a best televised matches in weeks.

Again, that is contingent on a time they are given.

With a categorical eventuality rematch from Raw, it would be distinct if fans resolved they could skip Thursday’s show. Still, there is adequate on a undercard to be meddlesome in, creation a promote a inestimable watch.

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