WWE SmackDown Will Not Benefit From Dual-Brand Pay-Per-Views

February 28, 2018 - WWE

WWE SmackDown will not advantage long-term from a “quick fix,” possibly that’s a proxy use of a part-timer or a lapse of dual-brand pay-per-views.

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It certain seems like WWE is anticipating that a end of brand-specific PPVs will advantage both Raw and SmackDown, though quite a latter, that has strike a severe strech as a peculiarity of a programming has struggled mightily. The faith is that WWE is bringing behind dual-brand PPVs to fight diseased sheet sales and muted matches, though if WWE officials consider that is a usually alleviation SmackDown needs to make, afterwards they are in for a bold awakening.

The lapse to dual-brand PPVs won’t repair SmackDown’s dual biggest problems: Poor engagement and a register that lacks a star energy Raw has.

The usually thing that a finish of brand-specific PPVs will accomplish is ensuring that a blue code continues to have a really feeble requisitioned undercard and a format that focuses distant too heavily on only a handful of names, many particularly Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon. After all, when WWE earnings to dual-brand PPVs starting with Backlash in May, a SmackDown uncover that typically featured during least eight matches on a brand-specific pay-per-views might get roughly half that on a dual-brand shows.

What’s that mean? Ultimately, it will interpret to even reduction TV time for midcard and reduce label performers, including everybody from Bobby Roode to Dolph Ziggler to Rusev to a Usos, and some-more time dedicated to overexposed stars like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. That format has incited out to be a disaster for a blue code over a final 6 months or so, when hunt seductiveness in SmackDown has fallen to a lowest turn during any indicate over a final 5 years, indicating that fans only aren’t meddlesome in a happenings on a badly requisitioned blue brand.

Along with seductiveness dipping, SmackDown’s viewership forsaken for 6 true weeks before to final week’s episode, nonetheless another pointer that SmackDown’s categorical emanate is a format rather than a need to lapse to dual-brand PPVs.

Raw viewership hit it vast final week with an normal of 3.27 million viewers, including some-more than 3.5 million viewers for any of a initial dual hours, in vast partial since a red code done a vital composition to a format by commencement with a compare that lasted roughly dual hours. Although that positively can't and should not turn a normal on possibly Raw or SmackDown, it does advise that SmackDown’s biggest area of regard is a format, that depends heavily on drawn-out, show-opening promos and an over-reliance on only a handful of stars.

The lapse to dual-brand PPVs isn’t one that will change that in any way, figure or form.

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