WWE Smacks Down Questions About Excluding Donald Trump From Sizzle Reel At TCA

January 9, 2018 - WWE

WWE Monday Night Raw came to TCA to speak about a 25th anniversary, in a march of that it aired a hiss tilt that was noticeably Donald Trump-free.

Among President Trump’s many attacks on a media, in Jul he tweeted a roughly edited video of himself rebellious and violence a figure with a CNN trademark over a face in his latest conflict opposite a mainstream news media. It was a doctored shave from 2007 in that Trump “body -slammed” World Wresting Entertainment owners Vince McMahon, NBC News remarkable during a time.

The row got asked because no Trump in a reel.

“WWE executive Vice President Paul “Triple H” Levesque shot behind that a President of a United States is one of a lot of “celebrities” who did not make a clip, also fixing former President Barack Obama and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“To collect one is perplexing to get to a end you’re perplexing to get to,” he scoffed.

“WWE is non partisan,” jumped in McMahon’s daughter Stephanie McMahon, who is WWE’s Chief Brand Officer. “We are a biggest multiple of each culture, gender, socio mercantile background” etc. she boasted.

The contributor remarkable Stephanie McMahon also is a daughter of former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, who Trump named to conduct his Small Business Administration when he was inaugurated POTUS.

“Does that make we consider we should not put him in your reel?” a contributor asked.

“We done a vital preference to not put onward any form of narrow-minded politics during all,” she said, job it a “decision we done in the programming, not only in the sizzle.”

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