WWE star Bayley on gaming, WWE 2K17, and what’s subsequent for women’s wrestling

October 10, 2016 - WWE

FS: You mentioned fans being handsy, and partial of your impression is that we give out hugs to everyone. Has that ever put we in an ungainly or uncanny conditions before?

Bayley: No, since a fans adore a hugs and they wish to take cinema and they wish me to cuddle them, and we have no problem with that.

The usually thing that we could ever consider about, that incited out to be a fun on me, was …. we were during a [WWE Performance Center], we were doing that PC All-Access uncover where a fans come in and we’re means to hang out and eat lunch with them, they can watch a uncover and all a things like that. There was one fan who only kept entrance adult to me and was like ‘yeah, we like unequivocally uncanny hugs, so lets see how many uncanny hugs we can get in a row.’ And we was like ‘uhhh OK yeah sure.’ And he only came adult and had his arms in opposite positions and was squeezing me for an awkwardly prolonged time, and we was like ‘is anyone else saying this?’

Come to find out he was a actor from Swerved.

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