WWE Star Roman Reigns Attacked By Fan, WWE Issues ‘Somewhat Strict’ Warning …

August 11, 2015 - WWE

A fan pounded WWE star Roman Reigns as a wrestler was in a center of a fight. On Saturday, Aug 8th, a wild fan pounded a star by tossing a a reproduction “Money in a Bank” briefcase in to a ring during a fight. The WWE star was strike in a head, and a fan who pounded him with a briefcase was ejected from a WWE locus and arrested by Victoria, British Columbia police.

According to The Bleacher Report, The Canadian Press (via CTVNews.ca), expelled a matter on Sunday after a fan pounded a WWE star. That matter enclosed a brief summary of a WWE event, supposing by Victoria military orator Sgt. Bryan Edwards:

“Edwards says other fans saw a briefcase – a reproduction of one used in WWE shows – and began chanting for a masculine to chuck a briefcase into a ring. The overzealous fan tossed a briefcase into a ring, attack wrestler Roman Reigns in a behind of a head. Edwards says that no one was harm and no charges were laid after an reparation was given by a fan. The 31-year-old masculine has been criminialized from any WWE wrestling shows in a future.”

Wrestling Inc. supposing initial eye declare accounts of a incident. According to Wresting Inc., a compare arbitrate ran to a assist of confidence to eject a masculine who pounded a WWE star, and nonetheless Reigns “appeared to be dumbfounded and frustrated” after he was pounded by a fan, he still achieved a match.

As reported by Inquisitr, a fan reported to Wresting Inc a initial eye declare comment of a WWE star being attacked. “I was during a WWE Summerslam debate live uncover tonight in Victoria BC and have footage of Roman Reigns only after being strike in a back/neck with a fan thrown object, a feign income in a bank briefcase, from a initial quarrel during his hitch with Bray Wyatt. An rumpus ensued in that a ref had to leave a ring and run to a assist of security.”

“The fans were ejected, presumably charged. Reigns seemed dumbfounded for a bit yet did lift on with a match, even yet he was apparently frustrated. we have posted video to YouTube immediately heading adult to it and only as it happened.”

After a wrestling star was attacked by a fan, a WWE released an updated “somewhat strict” warning to viewers to not chuck objects into a arena, reports Wresting Inc.

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