WWE star shares print of nasty indenture that indispensable 18 stitches

July 17, 2016 - WWE

The Social Outcasts’ Heath Slater faced Titus O’Neil during a WWE live eventuality in Bangor, Maine, Saturday night, though a compare had to be stopped when Slater was cut “down to a bone” above his right eye. Slater indispensable 18 stitches to tighten a wound, and common a comparatively sum print of a damage on Twitter.

The damage shouldn’t keep Slater out of a arriving WWE Draft on Tuesday.

Via WWE.com:

Heath Slater was harmed Saturday night when a indenture grown over his right eye during a compare wtih Titus O’Neil during a WWE Live Event in Bangor, Maine. The compare was stopped and O’Neil was announced a winner. 

WWE ringside medicine Dr. Stephen Daquino was on-site and relayed a following to WWE.com: 

“Heath has a 6 centimeter break above his right eye. It was utterly open, right down to a bone. He got 18 sutures and hopefully that will tighten it up.”

source ⦿ http://www.foxsports.com/wwe/story/wwe-heath-slater-injured-cut-photo-071716

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