WWE Statistics Show Its Stars Are Being Overworked, Especially On SmackDown

January 17, 2018 - WWE

WWE is positively ensuring that a superstars don’t have many downtime, quite those who are on SmackDown.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

The Jan 8th book of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published compare statistics for all WWE superstars in 2017, and dual things unequivocally stranded out. One, a boatload of superstars worked a ton of matches final year, and two, a tip 5 superstars with a many matches are now on a blue brand. Here is a demeanour during a 10 (well, 11 given dual are tied) superstars who had a many matches in 2017:

  • Jinder Mahal (185)
  • Baron Corbin (181)
  • AJ Styles (179)
  • Sami Zayn (178)
  • Charlotte Flair (173)
  • Cesaro (172)
  • Shinsuke Nakamura (170)
  • Sheamus and Dean Ambrose (tied during 169)
  • Jason Jordan (166)
  • Natalya (161)

What’s important here is that 8 of a 11 superstars mentioned spent a immeasurable infancy of 2017 on SmackDown, and in fact, usually dual of those superstars (Sheamus and Cesaro) didn’t work on a blue code during all. To put those compare totals into perspective, a Observer also reported a following compare totals for some of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s tip stars: Tetsuya Naito (155) , Kazuchika Okada (141), Hiroshi Tanahashi (132) and Kenny Omega (fewer than 100). The site also remarkable that a 40-year-old Styles wrestled a whopping 139 singles matches in 2017, compared to usually 18 for both Okada and Naito.

That positively lends faith to a long-running evidence that WWE superstars are overworked, doesn’t it?

After all, usually dual superstars on a list above (Styles and Ambrose) arrange among WWE’s tip 10 top paid stars, according to FORBES, demonstrating that operative some-more and/or harder doesn’t indispensably safeguard that a star will be paid accordingly. Most of those superstars mentioned work roughly one compare each dual days, a problem that was usually worsened when WWE recently done a preference to run SmackDown live events on Mondays conflicting live TV tapings of Monday Night Raw.

And here’s a hapless reality: That problem will expected usually get worse.

According to WWE Corporate, a association ran a whopping 96 live events in Q3 2017, adult from 82 in Q3 2016 and 85 in Q3 2017, and some-more events could eventually outcome in some-more matches, generally for a many featured superstars. What’s more, WWE usually began airing a Mixed Match Challenge and has recently even used Goldust (who’s clearly not a Cruiserweight) on 205 Live, so it’s protected to assume that with a Cruiserweights integrating with a categorical register and a MMC holding place, many superstars will supplement even some-more matches to their already high compare totals in 2018 and maybe even beyond.

The biggest emanate here is that a perfect volume of matches WWE superstars are carrying is a recipe for injury, that is why a WWE offseason creates so many sense even yet a chances of that function in any way, figure or form are slim to none. WWE, however, has to comprehend that overworking a superstars is probably guaranteed to outcome in an increasing damage rate, and there have positively been some important superstars whose new vital injuries were expected a approach outcome of their eager schedules. Let’s take a look:

Yes, it’s pro wrestling. Yes, injuries will happen.

source ⦿ https://www.forbes.com/sites/blakeoestriecher/2018/01/17/wwe-statistics-show-its-stars-are-being-overworked-especially-on-smackdown/

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