WWE SummerSlam 2014 Review: Biggest Stars of a Night

August 18, 2014 - WWE

Someone as critical as Brock Lesnar many expected would have finished this list even if he had mislaid his compare opposite John Cena, though being winning means it is a hermetic deal.

But this wasn’t only Lesnar removing his win behind opposite Cena from their prior encounter.

Lesnar is now a new WWE World Heavyweight champion, carrying beaten a 15-time tip star of a company, of all people.

That is a outrageous fulfilment to supplement to your resume, and he will no doubt be a large story entrance out of SummerSlam.

This one star will get WWE some-more press coverage than anything else that happened a whole night.

Who do we consider were a biggest stars of a evening?

Is there anyone that we were unhappy with who we suspicion would have finished most better?

Tell us your thoughts in a comments below!


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