WWE SummerSlam 2015: Biggest Missed Opportunities in Event’s History

August 15, 2015 - WWE

When Randy Orton initial detonate onto a stage in WWE in a mid-2000s, he now gained a prohibited repute as a “Legend Killer.”

Orton would take out a whole horde of large names to boost his reputation, and by a time SummerSlam 2006 had rolled around, Hulk Hogan was in his sights.

The angle and storyline were good, and it even dragged Hogan’s daughter Brooke into a feud, with Orton flirting with her on countless occasions. 

But Orton had all his momentum, and even his Legend Killer moniker, ripped to patches in a match, that Hogan won notwithstanding looking nowhere nearby his best.

A win here for Orton over arguably a many famous wrestler of all time could have sent his repute and movement to rare heights. Thankfully, he still managed to be a vital success in WWE, though we only consternation what competence have been if Orton had left over here. 

source ⦿ http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2547630-wwe-summerslam-2015-biggest-missed-opportunities-in-events-history

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