WWE SummerSlam 2015: Booking Decisions That Must Be Made

August 3, 2015 - WWE

After a furious finish to Battleground in July, a WWE Universe is prepared to spin a page and ready for a second-biggest pay-per-view of a year as SummerSlam 2015 approaches on Aug 23.

From a probable coming of Sting to a WWE World Heavyweight Championship compare to a expected four-way conflict for a Money in a Bank briefcase, there are several marquee stories that should be told during a Aug PPV.

Here are a engagement decisions that contingency be done during SummerSlam 2015.


Sting Costs Bray Wyatt a Victory

With #LukeHarper and #BrayWyatt behind together, what can a rest of a #WWEUniverse design from a reunited #WyattFamily? #RAW

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Despite claims that Sting will not be in assemblage during SummerSlam, as reported by PWInsider Elite (via WrestlingInc), a best choice for The Icon during this PPV would be a conflict opposite Bray Wyatt streamer into Night of Champions.

The theatre for a intensity compare would be set by Sting’s division during a Aug PPV, that would cost Wyatt a victory. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have been feuding with The Wyatt Family in new weeks, and Sting could be a backup a former Shield members need if Wyatt adds another Superstar to his stable.

With Brock Lesnar and Undertaker expected going divided after SummerSlam, WWE needs a marquee name relocating forward. Sting hasn’t been seen given WrestleMania, though a categorical event-caliber storyline and compare with Wyatt would be accurately what a association requires streamer into a fall.

Not usually would a Sting coming during SummerSlam boost a mainstream prominence of a event, though it would also build toward a subsequent pay-per-view in September.


Seth Rollins Will Retain World Title

John Cena done universe heavyweight champion Seth Rollins daub out in a center of a ring on a new book of Raw, though during SummerSlam, Rollins should better a United States champion and demeanour clever during a critical PPV.

Rollins has been done to demeanour like a finish fool, and it’s about time Cena paid a WWE behind for creation him demeanour unbeatable for so many years by holding a detriment to a universe champion. Cena’s movement can’t be stopped by one loss, generally after he’s done both Rollins and Kevin Owens demeanour totally absurd of late.

The wish is that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will determine to put a WWE World Heavyweight Championship on a line during SummerSlam and that Rollins will simply pin Cena purify in a center of a ring, validating during slightest some of his pretension reign.

Instead, many fans design some arrange of disqualification, with Rollins walking out as a fortifying champion in a fluky fashion.

If WWE cares about a long-term destiny of Rollins and his effect as a champion relocating forward, he contingency acquire pinfalls over face challengers from time to time. It doesn’t have to be clean, though pinning Cena—even with a handful of jorts—would assistance make him demeanour strong.


Put Money in a Bank in a Fatal 4-Way

Owens has been expel aside after drumming out to Cena during Battleground, though a Fatal 4-Way featuring him, Cesaro, Randy Orton and Sheamus for a Money in a Bank briefcase could deliver this whole storyline.

Owens and Cesaro are dual of a many gifted workers in a attention today, and along with Orton and Sheamus, a four-way conflict for a briefcase would be a marquee delegate storyline that a build to SummerSlam desperately needs.

While it’s surprising for a Money in a Bank briefcase hilt to urge his No. 1 contender standing in a multi-man match, this is a ideal event to showcase 4 chosen talents on a four-hour broadcast.

Sheamus would expected have to keep his briefcase in sequence to swell a stream storylines, though a compare itself would be a contender for a best of a night due to a tender ability and athleticism from all of a competitors involved.


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