WWE SummerSlam 2015: Overlooked Stars Who Will Make Big Impact during PPV

August 6, 2015 - WWE

Coming out of a Battleground pay-per-view, a WWE Universe’s fad has grown, though there are still several Superstars who are being ignored streamer into a 2015 book of SummerSlam on Aug 23.

From Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper being mislaid in a argument though a storyline, to Kevin Owens and Cesaro floating around a midcard, to Sheamus and a probable Money in a Bank cash-in attempt, there are several wrestlers not now being talked about who could take a show.

Here are a unheralded wrestlers who will gleam during SummerSlam.


Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

Wyatt is one of a many gifted performers on a mic in WWE, though he is not giving peculiarity storylines on a unchanging basis. Despite a muted build, Wyatt and Harper will take a uncover as a tab group opposite Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

Adding Harper behind to a Wyatt Family was a good storyline twist, though there has been no build—or even a discuss from commentators—about because a bottom argument of Reigns vs. Wyatt is still going on, or what caused a tension.

Was it Wyatt mentioning Reigns’ daughter? Wyatt ruining his possibility to win Money in a Bank? Something opposite entirely? Unfortunately, WWE has deserted boat on all prior storylines trustworthy to this and are only permitting a group to quarrel though any kind of long-term implications.

Using Wyatt and Harper’s rapport with any other—as good as a rapport between Reigns and Ambrose—the tab group compare has a accessibility to startle fans and be one of a many noted matches on a PPV card.


Kevin Owens and Cesaro

It’s a step down for Owens to block off opposite Cesaro after fighting United States champion John Cena, though thankfully for wrestling fans, these dual group will rouse their games and use this matchup during SummerSlam to put on an present classic.

If we suspicion Cena and Owens put on good matches, Cesaro and Owens have a ability to put on a Match of a Year claimant if supposing a correct time.

Both group should be in a aloft position on a card, though this presents a span a singular event to take a low expectationssince there is frequency any on concentration on a boutand jolt infrequent wrestling fans by hidden a show.

Cesaro is eternally overlooked. Owens tapped out to Cena. With a chip on their shoulders, this delegate compare will expected be a best technical hitch of a PPV. While it won’t meant really many in a prolonged term, it will be an extraordinary compare in a moment.



One of a many indeterminate matches on a SummerSlam label is a pretension vs. pretension hitch between Seth Rollins and Cena. With both a WWE World Heavyweight and United States Championships on a line, something large contingency be holding place.

With few people awaiting it, Sheamus cashing in during SummerSlam would be a outrageous moment.

Since winning a Money in a Bank, Sheamus has looked like an comprehensive joke, though that’s how WWE books wrestlers with a briefcase. With everybody thrown off a smell of a cash-in due to Sheamus constantly losing, walking out with a universe pretension would startle a WWE Universe.

Cena has brought legitimacy behind to a United States Championship, and he should keep fortifying a belt. On a other hand, Rollins losing a pretension to Sheamus would emanate a uninformed argument and expected be a commencement of a face spin for Rollins.


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