WWE SummerSlam 2016: 5 Wrestlers To Watch Heading Into The PPV

July 28, 2016 - WWE

A new epoch has begun in WWE, usually in time for a second-biggest pay-per-view of a year. The SummerSlam 2016 label is distant from being set, though it already facilities some astonishing matches that could outcome in large things for a few wrestlers.

Dean Ambrose will urge a WWE Championship opposite Dolph Ziggler, while Seth Rollins and Finn Balor will contest for a new WWE Universal Championship. Ambrose total to be a tip babyface on “SmackDown” for a nearby future, though there are a lot of questions surrounding a other pretension contenders.

John Cena is expected to face AJ Styles during SummerSlam, and Randy Orton is set to have a compare with Brock Lesnar, who creates his lapse after a four-month mangle from WWE. Despite his imminent UFC suspension, it appears that Lesnar won’t accept any form of punishment from WWE.

As SummerSlam approaches, a few wrestlers could accept a large pull or see poignant changes in their character.

Finn Balor

WWE has squandered no time thrusting Balor in a categorical eventuality scene, and after holding a NXT pretension for 292 days, it’s expected where he’ll stay for a time being. But most of his destiny on a categorical register stays adult in a air. Balor is a fan favorite, and WWE could pull him as a tip babyface. Balor could also join army with a The Club and spin a tip heel, deliberation his ties to Luke Gallows and Anderson from their time in Japan.

                      Finn Balor WWE Finn Balor binds a record for being a longest-reigning NXT Champion in history. Photo: wwe.com

Seth Rollins

Either Rollins or Balor will leave SummerSlam as Monday Night Raw’s top champion, though a former Shield member doesn’t need a title. He enters a SummerSlam universe championship compare as WWE’s No.1 heel, though his purpose with a association could shortly change. Before Rollins got harmed final November, he was expected headed for a babyface spin and a WrestleMania 32 compare opposite Triple H. WWE could really good go in that instruction in a nearby future.

Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler’s pretension shot came out of nowhere. He hasn’t perceived any kind of pull this year, and he didn’t even have a compare during Battleground. His usually argument given WrestleMania 32 was opposite Baron Corbin, and a new NXT callup got a improved of a determined veteran. There’s a possibility that Ziggler will remove to Ambrose and immediately dump down behind to a midst card. Or is WWE finally giving Ziggler a pull that many fans have been seeking for?

Roman Reigns

After losing purify during Money in a Bank, Battleground and a initial book of Raw after a code split, one thing is clear: Reigns won’t be pushed as WWE’s No.1 babyface for a foreseeable future. Maybe it was his new cessation or a disastrous greeting of a fans, though Ambrose, Balor, Cena and Orton are all forward of him as WWE’s tip good guys. Now a doubt stays how distant down a totem check will Reigns fall, or will he shortly spin a tip heel?

Shelton Benjamin

Arriving in WWE during a same time as a likes of Cena, Lesnar, Orton and Batista, Benjamin never had scarcely a same volume of success as a other 4 superstars. But he did spend eight years in WWE, and after a six-year hiatus, Benjamin is back. Benjamin was advertised to lapse on SmackDown, where he’ll have an event to be one of a biggest stars. At 41 years old, it should be engaging to see what kinds of opportunities Benjamin gets. It’s different if he’ll be on a SummerSlam card.

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