WWE luminary Charlotte Flair talks about her new book and …

October 4, 2017 - WWE

WWE luminary and four-time Raw women’s champion Charlotte Flair has already had an eventful life, and she still has a prolonged trail in front of her. She recently sat down and answered a few questions about her new book “Second Nature” and life as a WWE superstar.

Q. we unequivocally enjoyed a book, generally a tools about NXT. What recommendation would we give to a lady or lady who wants to spin a pro wrester?

A. First and foremost, go to school, go to college and get your education. Because we am vital explanation that it doesn’t unequivocally matter how aged we are when we start. we started really late in a diversion and it hasn’t altered my trail to success. Secondly, if it is something we are still ardent about after college, afterwards get in hit with a WWE opening core and find out when their tryouts are. Go to a audition and see what we need to work on. But when we do go, know it is some-more about display off who we are as a chairman and your celebrity and are we coachable contra “Hey, I’ve got all these moves and I’m athletic!”

Q. You seem to have so most fun personification a immorality queen, though right now, people are on your side. We are all watchful for a black to return. Isn’t it softened being a bad person?