WWE Superstar of a Week for Aug 15

August 16, 2015 - WWE

This mainstay is removing harder to write each week, and trust it or not, that’s a good thing. So many people are stepping adult in WWE these days that picking customarily a few to prominence is difficult.

Perhaps everybody is perplexing harder to make SummerSlam some-more appealing, though a some-more expected reason is a new additions to a categorical register have forced everybody else to arise to his or her level.

Before we get to a Superstar of a Week, let’s inspect a few people who merit to be famous for their efforts.


Honorable Mention: Stephen Amell

Whenever a luminary gets concerned in a argument with a Superstar, many of us cringe. Based on past experience, we know they will customarily flop.

Luckily for everyone, WWE finally found someone who is popular, jaunty and a large adequate wrestling fan to do what it takes not to confuse himself or his opponent.

Stephen Amell not customarily showed off his athleticism when he jumped a block and a ring ropes with ease, though his stalk and a bend shots he delivered to Stardust indeed looked passable.

Later that night in a backstage segment, Amell stood right in front of Triple H and didn’t wince once while slicing a promo on Stardust.

The good thing about Amell is that he has a lot of a collection we need to be a successful wrestler. His purpose on Arrow includes delivering speeches to his enemies and training perplexing quarrel choreography.

That sounds an awful lot like slicing a promo and formulation a match. It’s great WWE gave him Neville as a partner so a whole compare doesn’t rest on his shoulders. With a approach things are going, Amell could spin out to be one of a best luminary wrestlers of all time. He’ll really be improved than David Arquette.


Honorable Mention: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins competence be requisitioned as a villainous champion sometimes, though there is no denying he is one of a many consistently interesting wrestlers on a roster.

His promos are always watchable, and his matches customarily take a show. He is a good heel and someone who is estimable of holding a WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

One of his improved qualities is his eagerness to sell for his opponents and demeanour like a duck when a conditions calls for it.

People mostly forget heels aren’t ostensible to get purify wins or be a cold guy. They are ostensible to make we wish to see them take a violence from a babyface, and Rollins is someone who does that really well.

Rollins knocked it out of a park on both Raw and SmackDown this week, and it’s a protected gamble that he and Cena will rip a residence down during SummerSlam.


Superstar of a Week for Aug 15: Bayley

It’s too bad WWE couldn’t find a approach to embody Bayley in a Divas series on a categorical roster. She connects with a throng and has all a required skills in a ring.

If there is any upside to not being brought adult with Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, it’s that Bayley will finally take her place during a tip of a women’s register in NXT.

Bayley has picked adult wins over Charlotte and Lynch in new weeks, and she is set to face Banks during TakeOver: Brooklyn for a NXT Women’s Championship.

Having a pretension will be great, though being means to contend she degraded all 3 of a women who were customarily called adult to a categorical register in 3 uninterrupted matches will yield a best kind of bragging rights.

She stole a uncover both nights opposite Charlotte and Lynch, and there is a good possibility she will do a same thing with Banks on Aug 22.

Make no mistake, Bayley is as gifted as any of a women concerned in a Divas revolution, though WWE was correct not to take all a best womanlike talent out of NXT at once. Leaving Bayley behind ensures there is someone with credit to assistance a newcomers get better.

With any luck, a association will bring Bayley up before WrestleMania 32 so she can attend in whatever multi-Diva compare officials have planned.

For someone who could have simply come off as a fun with a hugging gimmick, Bayley has managed to carve out a name for herself as one of a best NXT has to offer. The throng loves her, and she continues to give it a reason to with each compare she wrestles.


What do we think? Was Bayley a Superstar of a Week? If not her, afterwards who? Thanks for reading, and follow me on Twitter @BR_Doctor.

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