WWE Superstar of a Week for Feb 28

February 28, 2015 - WWE

Despite a fact that Fastlane was this past Sunday, it was a comparatively muted week in a land of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Roman Reigns degraded Daniel Bryan for a shot during a WWE World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena was dejected by Rusev, and Goldust got a win over his brother, Stardust.

We also got to see a few WWE Superstars play prohibited potato with a Intercontinental Championship. The pretension never indeed altered hands, though it was stolen, retrieved and stolen again.

Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart have been trade barbs on amicable media and The Daily Show, though maybe a biggest story this week was AJ Lee calling out Stephanie McMahon per a Divas’ low wages.

And we can’t forget about Darren Young and Titus O’Neil reforming The Prime Time Players to give The Ascension a initial detriment on a categorical roster.

Only a few people done a poignant impact over a past 7 days, and usually one of them can be a Superstar of a Week.


Honorable Mention: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd have been requisitioned horribly adult until recently, though all of their tough work was finally rewarded when they won a Tag Team Championships during Fastlane.

Their compare with The Usos was really one of a highlights of a evening, and a fact that they had been kept down so prolonged done their win seem really special.

It’s tough to base opposite dual guys who are so technically means even if they do lie and Kidd treats his mother with small to no respect. The Iron Sheik pronounced he’s “happy” with Cesaro and Kidd:

When Kidd and Cesaro were initial interconnected up, it felt like another one of those situations where WWE had no thought what to do with them and usually threw them together for a consequence of carrying one some-more tab team.

It incited out to be a blessing in disguise, as they are now champions and have been removing a lot some-more radio time. There’s no revelation how prolonged they will be together, so we should all usually suffer a float while it lasts.


Honorable Mention: Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart

Rollins’ argument with Jon Stewart has brought WWE a small mainstream attention, and it all came about after Rollins done a throwaway criticism on an partial of Raw.

Stewart’s response was hilarious, and it set in suit a storyline that should come to a conduct on Monday’s Raw. Rollins showed adult on The Daily Show and challenged Stewart to appear on WWE’s flagship show, and a maestro broadcaster accepted:

It’s doubtful a 53-year-old comedian will chuck any punches, though his coming should be entertaining, and it will really give WWE some some-more bearing on a Road to WrestleMania.

All of this is really good for Rollins, and the media courtesy he has perceived will usually offer to make him a bigger star than he already is.


Superstar of a Week for Feb 28: R-Truth

Right now, you’re substantially thinking, “R-Truth? Really? How is he a Superstar of a Week?” This is a man who has been presumably jobbing to others or off TV totally for a really prolonged time, though not anymore.

Truth picked adult a warn win over Wade Barrett on a Feb. 19 book of SmackDown, and afterwards he assimilated a explanation group for Barrett’s matches on both Raw and SmackDown this week.

All of a sudden, Truth is partial of a IC title argument between Dean Ambrose and Barrett, and utterly frankly, he is a acquire addition.

Barrett and Ambrose can positively lift their possess feud, though Truth is going to freshen things adult and keep a storyline engaging heading adult to WrestleMania 31.

Truth is a rarely engaging impression who has usually about each apparatus WWE could wish in a Superstar. He is a good talker with glamour to spare, he’s intensely versatile in a ring, and he always manages to get a good response from a throng even if he is quoting a cheesy swat strain that was done before many immature fans were born.

R-Truth used Twitter to convene support as a IC Champion: 

One of his best traits is his clarity of humor. Confusing Byron Saxton with Jonathan Coachman on SmackDown was hilarious, and we all remember when he dressed as a combine infantryman to confront Mr. McMahon. ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman is apparently a fan of this “talented” wrestler regardless, as illustrated by his response to WWE fan Shay’s twitter per R-Truth giving him a shout-out: 

WWE has introduced and built adult a lot of new stars given a final time R-Truth was relevant, though there will always be room for a man who can work good with anybody and broach good promos and matches.

It hasn’t been done central yet, though during this point, it looks like Truth could finish adult being one of a challengers for Barrett’s pretension during WrestleMania in a Ladder match.

It’s really probable he will tumble behind into shade once this module has run a course, though if he performs well, he could find himself with a renewed pull and presumably even a championship around his waist.

Many of we might remonstrate with Truth being a Superstar of a Week, though he deserves a respect simply since his tough work and calm are finally profitable off. It’s about time, too.

If we don’t agree, afterwards share your thoughts on who should have been famous in a comments territory below.


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