WWE Superstar Power Rankings for 6/8/2015: Pre-Money in a Bank 2015 Edition

June 8, 2015 - WWE

WWE Money in a Bank 2015 is on a horizon, and there have been utterly a few changes in a WWE Superstar Power Rankings. So far, it appears usually half a label is set for Money in a Bank, with 4 matches booked.

United States champion John Cena will face NXT champion Kevin Owens in a non-title match. The New Day will urge their WWE Tag group Championships opposite a Prime Time Players. Dolph Ziggler, Neville, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus and Kane will all face off in the Money in a Bank Ladder match. And finally, Seth Rollins will once again urge his WWE World Heavyweight Championship opposite Dean Ambrose.

As a sign to those who might have missed a final book of these rankings, Kevin Owens is ineligible. He is still strictly partial of the NXT roster and is not nonetheless listed on a WWE roster. In sequence to be authorised for consideration, Owens needs to strictly be on a WWE Roster, and WWE’s register page is a customary by that that is judged.

This past week’s transformation will be discussed in larger fact via a following slides. But beforehand, please review how these rankings are determined.

These rankings are not a recognition competition and are not designed to establish who has a best matches or a many ability. These rankings are strictly in-storyline power rankings.

All active WWE Superstars and Divas on a categorical register are considered, incompatible talents who essentially or exclusively combat in NXT. Holding a championship, being a No. 1 contender or holding a Money in a Bank briefcase depends for many of a wrestler’s ranking, and these honors are therefore a many heavily weighted components in a rankings.

If a wrestler is deemed to be tied with another, holding a pretension will be a primary tiebreaker. However, holding a championship, being a No. 1 contender or holding a Money in a Bank briefcase in no approach guarantees a mark in a tip 10.

Wins and waste comment for a bulk of a week-to-week movement and, after championships, are a many critical components of a rankings. The peculiarity and arrange of a wrestler’s opponents are deliberate in a week-to-week movement.

Getting a improved of someone—such as violence someone down—also counts, yet not scarcely as many as wins and losses. Being over with a fans (i.e., removing a clever reaction) is not heavily weighted in a ranking decisions; it is effectively a final tiebreaker. Pay-per-view wins and waste take on combined importance. 

Only a tip 10 wrestlers are ranked. Wrestlers on a “Watch List” were deliberate for top-10 standing though were eventually nixed. They are unranked, and their inventory is in no sold order. 

Generally speaking, these rankings do not mangle kayfabe. However, any vital non-storyline information—serious injury, WWE Wellness Policy violations, suspensions, legitimate hirings, firings, agreement information and “sabbaticals”—may be taken into consideration, though generally, it’s usually if WWE confirms or addresses it publicly.

WWE’s non-televised domestic and international live events are not included in these rankings unless WWE incorporates them into radio storylines or acknowledges a eventuality on WWE television. Also, zero that could be categorically deliberate a spoiler is enclosed unless WWE acknowledges it as well.

In short, all WWE main-roster shows—televised or digitally distributed, as good as anything from WWE.com, a WWE App, a WWE Network and any WWE or Superstar accounts on amicable media that don’t mangle kayfabe—may be taken into consideration.

These might embody though are not singular to WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, WWE Main Event, WWE Superstars, NXT, WWE pay-per-views and any storyline-driven calm from a WWE Network.

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