WWE Survivor Series 2014: Best Finishes for Each Match on a Card

November 21, 2014 - WWE

WWE has finished a best pursuit it can to build squad crusade into a intensity game-changing categorical event. According to stipulations, possibly Team Authority will be out of power, or any member of Team Cena will be fired.

The best finish for this compare comes down to what will emanate a some-more intriguing storyline. It seems too early to see Stephanie McMahon and Triple H eat crow, generally since they did only that following WrestleMania XXX progressing this year.

By a same token, fans have been conditioned not to take “firing” storylines seriously, as many categorical eventers who are dismissed are backed weeks later.

Should any member of Team Cena be fired, design a successive (non-Cena) heel spin or dual among a group in sequence to clear reinstatement.

Don’t cry for Cena if he gets fired. He’d be backed too, simply for being John Cena.

Best Finish: Team Authority wins after outward division from Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble.


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