WWE Survivor Series 2014: Match Card, Potential Spoilers, Predictions and More

November 22, 2014 - WWE

John Cena and his rope of babyfaces have a possibility to finish a prolonged energy of corporate restraint during WWE Survivor Series 2014

Team Authority vs. Team Cena has a “rebels rising adult opposite a empire” feel to it. It facilities organisation who live on a marquee like Cena and newcomers to a spotlight like Rusev. Add that up, and it has a intensity to be one of a biggest Survivor Series matches in a prolonged while.

Will fans foreseeing a finale hurt it, though? Triple H’s proclamation on SmackDown, that a members of Team Cena (minus Cena himself) will be dismissed if they lose, points to a happy finale for a babyfaces.

Perhaps Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose’s battle, notwithstanding underwhelming buildup, can yield a night with a jar once those organisation get in a ring.

Survivor Series, one of WWE‘s initial pay-per-view events, is a centerpiece to a company’s giveaway month-long conference of a WWE Network. A party of teams strife over a tab titles, a Bella sisters’ adversary rolls on and a infancy of a Divas multiplication is operative in a singular match.

It’s a categorical eventuality that a association has many focused on, a match that houses a top stakes during a event—control over a association for Team Authority and staying employed for Team Cena.

While that hitch is certain to emanate a infancy of headlines before and after a event, a repackaged organisation could make a symbol on it as well.


News, Potential Spoilers

Nov. 23 might symbol a central restart for Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston.

After quickly appearing as a coterie months ago, a contingent faded away. Just as it began to demeanour like WWE was trashing a thought of them operative together, any member starred in his possess choir-centric vignette.

Now it appears that their initial pay-per-view date is on a way. F4WOnline (h/t Wrestling Inc) reports that a A New Day coterie might entrance during Survivor Series.

With a label still in need of matches, this choice would make a lot of sense. It gives a organisation a large impulse to flog off a latest run. It also adds to a uncover that needs something to fill it out.

As for a categorical event, WWE might not be certain what it wants to do with Cena afterward.

As the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Daily DDT) reports, a association is deliberation carrying Cena vs. Brock Lesnar or Cena vs. Seth Rollins and Randy Orton in a TLC compare during a TLC: Tables, Ladders Chairs pay-per-view. 

The second choice points to a probable warn coming from Orton during Survivor Series to assistance start that story rolling and/or a check of The Authority vs. Cena feud.

In a difficulty of rumors that don’t have any weight sits AJ Lee potentially being on her approach out of WWE after Survivor Series and Chris Jericho worming his approach into a categorical event.

Unsubstantiated word that AJ is prepared to exit a association has trafficked opposite a Internet. Dave Meltzer says it’s simply not true. In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc), he addressed a issue, observant that AJ is not leaving.

An Instagram print from Jericho had fans speculating that he was operative with The Authority and that maybe that meant he’d be a warn guest during Survivor Series to assist them:

He wrote in a heading that this was a tip meeting. Before one draws too many lines between this picture and Survivor Series, take a demeanour during Jericho’s debate dates with his rope Fozzy.

The organisation is scheduled to perform in Iowa a night of a pay-per-view.


Match Card

  • Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee (Divas Championship)
  • Goldust and Stardust vs. The Usos vs. Damien Mizdow and The Miz vs. Los Matadores (Tag Team Championship)
  • Alicia Fox, Natalya, Emma and Naomi vs. Paige, Summer Rae, Layla and Cameron (Elimination match)
  • Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose
  • Team Cena (Big Show, John Cena, Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback) vs. Team Authority (Kane, Rusev, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Mark Henry) (Elimination match)


Check out Jason Powell of ProWrestling.net’s predictions before we review on to see how we see things personification out:


Quick Predictions

  • Nikki over AJ.
  • Goldust and Stardust retain.
  • Natalya’s group wins.
  • Wyatt over Ambrose.
  • Team Cena over Team Authority.


Nikki Knocks off AJ

The concentration has been on Nikki and Brie Bella’s kin adversary for months. Even yet a Divas champ was thrown into a mix, a story has been some-more about them.

It’s been a story of how disagreeable Nikki is and how most she’s creation Brie humour given earning a right to force her sister to be a personal assistant. Expect a Divas pretension to spin a partial of that.

When Brie finally snaps and gets her revenge, it will be a distant bigger impulse if bullion is on a line as well.


Stardust and Goldust Survive

With as most movement as The Miz and Damien Mizdow have right now, there’s a possibility they examine a titles from a champs.

The issue, though, is that tragedy is already heightening between them. They have been contention some-more and more, even during one of The Miz‘s online behaving lessons:

That squabbling is going to cost Miz and Mizdow a pretension opportunity, though it will make for a substructure of their contingent argument opposite any other. You can gamble that WWE is conference all those “We wish Sandow!” chants.

A babyface spin is imminent, set to arrive as shortly as Survivor Series.


Babyfaces Win

There’s small story here. WWE put together this compare during a final notation as a card-filler. 

With that in mind, count on WWE perplexing to change out all a heel wins by carrying Natalya and association broach a win for a good guys. Last year, WWE went a same route.

Team Total Divas (Natalya was on that patrol as well) knocked off AJ’s group in a terrible match. It will be tough for this year’s book to be anywhere nearby as groan-inducing as that was.


Wyatt Gets a First Round

Wyatt vs. Amborse has usually taken a initial few steps. They have usually been during any other’s throats for a month, and this outlines a initial in-ring apportionment of this feud.

The customary plan is to check a benefit of saying a favourite overcome a monster. Don’t design WWE to give us that pleasure already.

Credit: WWE.com

Wyatt gets a feat here by some dishonourable method, stability their quarrel into TLC and beyond. 


Team Cena Survives

WWE sloping a hand. It’s not going to glow Ziggler, Ryback, Big Show and Rowan. It would be stupid to glow them and move them behind shortly following by trait of loophole as well.

There’s too most of a abyss problem right now for a association to screw around with gripping anyone off TV who can go.

Instead, The Authority’s time ends here. It’s an angle that has run it course, stretching out now past a year and using on tires with low air. Having a doubt of what’s to come with The Authority out of energy is how we gets folks vehement adequate to stay engaged.

Ziggler and Ryback will demeanour good here, any removing during slightest one elimination. The association has shined a spotlight on both of them as of late.

Betting on Cena is always safe, though it’s The Viper who is going to secure Team Cena‘s victory. Orton will make a warn revisit and welfare RKOs to everybody in The Authority. It’s a ideal time to make his central babyface spin in that Survivor Series is in his hometown of St. Louis and he get a ultimate punish on Rollins by costing him a compare here. 

How elegant it would be that a male The Authority initial built a sovereignty around is a one who pulls it apart.

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