WWE Survivor Series 2014: Power Ranking Every Match during PPV

November 25, 2014 - WWE

The 2014 Survivor Series was an eventuality that was possibly going to attain or destroy on a behind of a categorical event. Thankfully for a peculiarity of a uncover and WWE’s network strategy, a compare not usually delivered from an in-ring and storytelling viewpoint though also featured a entrance of a star who had never formerly stepped feet inside a Vince McMahon-owned ring.

From a Big Show’s knockout punch of Mark Henry seconds after a bell to Rusev’s crafty elimination, a conflict of former Wyatt Family members Erick Rowan and Luke Harper and Big Show’s intolerable betrayal, a competition was layered with opposite stories and angles that perplexed a assembly and led to a best rejecting tab compare given 2003’s Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff.

The heart of a match, however, lay in a opening of Dolph Ziggler.

With a destiny of WWE on his shoulders, Ziggler withstood extensive punishment by Kane, Harper and Seth Rollins, refusing to let his teammates and a fans down in his fight with The Authority.

Demonstrating a resilience that has authorised him to continue delivering a best performances probable notwithstanding distressing inconsistencies in his booking, Ziggler fought back, expelling both The Devil’s Favorite Demon and a new intercontinental champion in succession.

Just as he was about to dispatch Rollins and leave a competition as a solitary survivor, Triple H attacked, planting him with a Pedigree.

Then it happened. After years of speculation, Sting arrived in WWE and stood face-to-face with The King of Kings before dropping him with a Scorpion Death Drop. He put Ziggler on tip of an comatose Rollins, and Team Cena were announced as a victors.

The categorical eventuality of this year’s Survivor Series was a stellar illustration of what is probable when veteran wrestling is finished correctly. Contrary to what many will say, it is not about who can chuck a prettiest Tiger Suplex or who knows a many submissions or adopts Japanese clever style. It is about meshing ring work with storytelling.

Sunday night, everybody concerned with a categorical eventuality did that to perfection, heading to one of a many rewarding categorical events given Daniel Bryan prisoner a WWE World Heavyweight Championship behind during WrestleMania 30.

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