WWE Survivor Series 2014 Results: Breaking Down Biggest Missed Opportunities

November 26, 2014 - WWE

The formula from a 2014 WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view have had people buzzing about all from Dolph Ziggler’s extraordinary opening to Sting’s startling entrance and all of a other engaging things that transpired.

But no uncover is perfect, and notwithstanding WWE putting on a illusory show, there were still some missed opportunities.

Keeping in mind that hindsight is 20-20 and each fan has his or her possess ideas about what should have left down and what he or she was unhappy to see—or not see, for that matter—what stands out?

Now that a dirt has staid from this week’s part of Raw, what could have been tweaked to make Survivor Series an even improved eventuality than what it already was?


Ryback Doesn’t Quite Rule So Much

Going into a event, a hottest star was arguably Ryback, who had been creation good strides in convalescent belligerent after spending a past few years struggling in a tab group and midcard divisions.

There were glimpses of a unstoppable savage from his strange WWE Championship pull from 2012, and it seemed as yet The Big Guy was going to continue his prohibited strain during a pay-per-view.

However, for some reason, Ryback achieved positively 0 and was a initial chairman to be separated from Team Cena.

Credit: WWE.com

What was a purpose of this? Is it a text box of a aged genius of humbling someone before giving him a push?

If so, because does WWE continue to consider that it is required to mangle someone down before building him behind adult if he is already renouned with a crowd?

Did Ryback do something to put himself in a dog house? Was this a punishment to remonstrate him to check his opinion during a doorway or he would be behind to jobbing faster than he could intone “feed me more”?

It doesn’t seem as yet this factors into some grand intrigue that will compensate off down a road, so it was an nonessential slight conflicting a comparatively large star in a time when a register is too skinny to scapegoat wrestlers for startle value.

Worse off, a initial rejecting of a compare saw Big Show hit out Mark Henry in small seconds. Couldn’t this mark have been given to Ryback instead?

Credit: WWE.com

Big Show would spin on Team Cena after on. If he could discharge a biggest male on Team Authority with one punch usually moments into a match, because would he ever be so disturbed during their chances to win that he would quit?

If a devise a whole time going into a compare was to be a mole for Team Authority, he never should have overwhelmed Henry, let alone pinned him.

With a approach things went down, proof was thrown out a window in preference of giving Big Show a massage that he didn’t need during a responsibility of Ryback, who is in a recovering duration and could desperately have used it instead of entrance out looking like all bellow and no bite.


WWE Divas: Smart, Sexy, Powerful and All Interchangeable

The Divas multiplication is rather treacherous during a moment, and it looks as yet WWE‘s artistic group isn’t certain that women are ostensible to be heels and that are ostensible to be babyfaces.

Despite it creation 0 sense, Brie Bella is now understanding of her violent sister, and Natalya fights as a babyface while teaming adult with her heel father whom she is possibly totally aligned with or arguing conflicting depending on a whims of a writers for that sold episode.

After spending a few months building adult Rosa Mendes as a face, she is now partnered with a heel in Fandango. This, of course, comes after a disharmony of a Summer Rae vs. Layla partnership where they fought over Fandango, partnered adult together as babyfaces and afterwards unexpected were heels again.

For this compare during Survivor Series, Alicia Fox had recently incited face after finale her loyalty with Paige, so WWE slapped together some faces and heels and put them on conflicting sides.

With Nikki Bella as a stream Divas champion, some babyfaces would need to be built adult to be estimable challengers for her in a future.

One can disagree that a whole group of faces looked clever given zero of them were eliminated, yet it wasn’t so most that a faces were improved rather than a heel group being worse.

Ask yourself if any of a women on Team Fox truly came off as someone who was prepared for a pretension run instead of usually being on a winning side in general.

Credit: WWE.com

Even if this weren’t a box and Nikki were to spin face earlier than later, would there be any heels set adult during this compare to demeanour like a threat, either?

Summer Rae came off as a cheerleader who doesn’t wish to mangle her nails, Layla has positively looked better, and Cameron was about as useful as Ryback was for Team Cena.

The usually one of them with any bit of poke to her name was Paige, yet a best she achieved was being flustered and wanting to run away. She couldn’t even discharge one chairman on a conflicting team.

To an extent, it creates clarity that WWE would wish to book one of a matches to be a purify brush and a other to be down to a solitary survivor, yet that judgment did no favors for any of a 8 women here.

If Brie is not going to spin on Nikki and plea her for a Divas Championship once a argument with AJ Lee is done, WWE will have to spend a subsequent few weeks building adult one of a 4 women on Team Fox. Otherwise, a subsequent challenger will seem like a sore competition who has no shot during winning.

This week’s book of Raw did 0 of a sort, so time is using out.


RKO Out of Nowhere to be Seen

There’s no doubt that Sting’s WWE entrance was a most bigger understanding to a WWE Universe than Randy Orton‘s contingent return, so a some-more critical of a dual was chosen.

But if one plays devil’s advocate, WWE missed a possibility to have a cake and eat it, too.

Orton is from St. Louis and was backstage, so it wasn’t as yet carrying him uncover adult on a eventuality would have caused a problem.

After all, a storyline had already been built in revolving around him and Seth Rollins feuding with one another, and his hometown cocktail would have been outrageous for it.

Credit: WWE.com

Instead of Sting saving a day for Team Cena, it could have usually as simply been Orton using out from a crowd, giving Rollins an RKO out of nowhere and boring Ziggler’s physique on tip for a win.

While Orton was traffic with Rollins, Sting still could have come out to hoop Triple H usually a same as he did on a pay-per-view.

Granted, WWE might have finished a right call by not overloading Survivor Series with too most and holding off on Orton’s return, yet that stays to be seen.

Sometimes, too most of a good thing isn’t indispensably a bad thing, and while Sting’s entrance could have dampened a significance of Orton’s return, it expected wouldn’t have finished any mistreat to Sting.

Unless WWE can consider of a good choice process to move Orton behind with usually as most resplendence and business or more, a round could have been forsaken with this one.

What do we consider were some of a biggest missed opportunities from this event?

Would we have been happier with these tweaks, or did WWE make a right calls in a end?

Tell us your theories, anticipation engagement ideas and criticisms in a comments below!

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