WWE Survivor Series 2014: Stars Under a Most Pressure during PPV

November 5, 2014 - WWE

A vital World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view brings with it a certain volume of vigour for any and all Superstars propitious adequate to make a card.

When pronounced pay-per-view has been one of a cornerstones of a company’s report for 27 years, home to some of a many noted and argumentative moments in a story of a company, that vigour to broach a good opening intensifies tenfold.

With a outrageous categorical eventuality pitting Team Cena opposite The Authority, in that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s power of apprehension over WWE is during stake, there will be countless stars underneath a self-evident gun to perform during a tip turn possible.

Who are those stars and because are they feeling a weight of a universe on their shoulders?

Let’s take a look.


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Seth Rollins

To this point, Rollins has finished all required to rise a ladder in WWE and turn a company’s many hated heel.

At Survivor Series, he enters a night as a face of Team Authority, a male charged with ensuring that Triple H and Stephanie sojourn a many absolute integrate in veteran wrestling. 

Anyone in that purpose would feel pressure, be it a immature dermatitis heel or an determined categorical eventer. But Rollins still feels really many in a decline of his categorical eventuality run, and a bad opening could roughly confidently means government and WWE Creative to take a step behind and recur positioning him as a foil for so many of a tip babyfaces.

Luckily, a Architect has a story of behaving adult to a large matches and moments, that is something that should palliate his burden.


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Dolph Ziggler

From a impulse Ziggler forsaken a World Heavyweight Championship to Alberto Del Rio in a summer of 2013, fans watched as a Showoff endured some truly awful engagement pleasantness of WWE Creative.

He suffered a prolonged losing streak, afterwards won incomprehensible matches while dropping matches to each categorical eventuality star he common a ring with.

Despite fans still ancillary him, government used him as a saved encouragement talent for a some-more applicable stars.

Then he won a intercontinental pretension from The Miz, and given then, has seen a career reconstruction of sorts. He wins some-more than he loses and unexpected finds himself bearing in a categorical eventuality of one of a biggest shows of a year.

While it is doubtful anyone is going to palm him a shot during a tip of a label entrance out of a show, delivering one of his heading show-stealing performances might force a association to take a step back, demeanour during a rather depleted categorical eventuality register and consider about giving Ziggler a much-deserved second shot during a tip of a card.


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Bray Wyatt

After pang a debilitating detriment to John Cena during Payback, a detriment that threatened to kill all of a build that had left into a Reaper of Souls character, Bray Wyatt returned during Hell in a Cell and immediately set his sights on Dean Ambrose.

This Wyatt is different, darker and some-more sinister than he was before.

With that said, a encouragement and changes to a impression meant zero if he fails to build on it with a glorious opening come Survivor Series. 

At a annual November event, he squares off with Ambrose in a compare that will offer as a co-main event.

The vigour is on Wyatt. This a second possibility that many performers never receive. He contingency make a many of it by branch in some-more unchanging in-ring performances, and that starts with his compare with Ambrose.

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