WWE Survivor Series 2014: Superstars Who Will Exceed Expectations

November 22, 2014 - WWE

WWE’s Survivor Series eventuality presents plenty eventuality for a roster’s many underappreciated stars to warn everybody and gleam brightly.

Nikki Bella—whose WWE career until now has mostly been formed on her looks and her sex appeal—may really good broach a argent opening when she faces AJ Lee for a Divas Championship during a show.

Bella will substantially never be a good wrestler, though she has softened as an in-ring workman significantly in new months.

She’s good adequate for Lee to be means to lift her to a plain match. It helps that their argument so distant has been flattering entertaining. The dual have a fun chemistry, and their starkly opposite personalities contrariety nicely.  

Bella winning a belt seems like a illusive outcome—she’s been going from strength to strength as a heel impression over a past few weeks, and giving her a pretension seems like a healthy subsequent step.

The 10-man rejecting hitch should also yield a good eventuality for marginalized wrestlers to mount out and broach performances that can reinvigorate their stagnating careers.  

On Monday’s Raw, Erick Rowan became a warn further to John Cena’s team. Rowan has been a vastly underrated wrestler given he debuted on Jul 13. He might not have a glamour or demeanour indispensable to rise a card, though he’s a plain workman who frequently delivers on pay-per-view and television. There’s no doubt he’ll shake out a clever opening in St. Louis.

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The awaiting of an Erick Rowan-Luke Harper showdown during a hitch is also appealing and adds an intriguing dimension over a corporate energy struggle.

Harper will also get his shot to gleam supposing he is given adequate in-ring time.

Survivor Series provides a possibility for Dolph Ziggler to get his categorical eventuality career behind on track. Ziggler has been a essential partial of WWE storylines over a past month as Cena’s right-hand male and many devoted ally.

He could potentially impact a outcome of a bout—either by winning a compare for his group or by branch on them and fasten The Authority.

The latter might be ideal, as it would pledge Ziggler a vital mark in a company’s tip heel fast and set a theatre for a Cena vs. Ziggler compare somewhere down a road.

It would also make a lot of clarity in a storyline. Cena has been particularly absent whenever Ziggler has gotten kick adult by The Authority lately. It could only be unhandy writing, though it is presumably intentional. There’s a ground for a spin right there.

On paper, Survivor Series is moulding adult to be a decent though rather mediocre event. However, WWE bookers regulating it to get over Ziggler and, to a obtuse extent, Bella and Rowan, would during slightest offer to make it a most some-more engaging and critical show.

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