WWE Survivor Series 2016: Match Card, Potential Spoilers, Predictions and More

November 19, 2016 - WWE

Built around code warfare, WWE Survivor Series 2016 will be one of a many remarkable events of a year.

As Raw collides with SmackDown in a array of normal rejecting matches, good performers will work their sorcery on a mat, subplots will reveal and rising stars will emanate signature moments. Nia Jax, Braun Strowman and American Alpha are among those staid to make Sunday’s pay-per-view their coming-out parties.

The categorical eventuality is a rematch of a 2004 hitch in Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, yet a undercard will be a showcase of New Era talent. 

Goldberg’s initial central WWE movement in over 12 years will beget a many hum streamer into Survivor Series. But it will be a likes of Jax, Strowman and American Alpha who leave Toronto’s Air Canada Centre carrying a many momentum.


News, Potential Spoilers

Goldberg won’t be 100 percent streamer into his conflict with Lesnar. 

During a shred on a Nov. 14 book of Raw, where a former WCW champ bowled over a series of confidence guards, Goldberg apparently harm himself. He told Scott Dargis of NBC Sports: “My physique feels horrible. we tweaked my shoulder final night.”

Lesnar was expected to lift a bucket in a ring before this news. The chances of that are even aloft now.

Another powerhouse might be set to outperform Goldberg.

Raw ubiquitous manager Mick Foley spoke to Fox Sports author Nick Schwartz of Strowman’s event during Survivor Series: “I trust he’s going to stir a lot of people and warn a lot of people on Sunday night.”

That could be a Raw faithfulness talking, yet it might also be a spirit during how WWE will book a large man. It’s some-more than possibly that Strowman gets copiousness of spotlight when he battles a blue code as partial of Team Raw.

SmackDown’s organisation mascot could also play a vital purpose on Sunday. It looks like James Ellsworth will be adhering around.

Dave Meltzer reported on Figure Four Online that “Ellsworth has contacted indy promoters [to say] that he’s holding no new dates, that means he’s possibly sealed or about to pointer a WWE contract.”

The former jobber has turn a pivotal partial of SmackDown stories of late. If that’s going to sojourn a case, he won’t usually be station around during Survivor Series. Ellsworth could good make an impact on a outcome.


Match Card

  • The Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto (Cruiserweight Championship).
  • The Miz vs. Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Championship).
  • 10-on-10 Raw vs. SmackDown tag organisation rejecting match.
  • Women’s Raw vs. SmackDown elimination match.
  • Men’s Raw vs. SmackDown elimination match.
  • Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar.



  • Kendrick over Kalisto.
  • The Miz over Zayn.
  • Team SmackDown over Team Raw in a 10-on-10 bout.
  • Team Raw over Team SmackDown in a women’s match. 
  • Team SmackDown over Team Raw in a men’s match. 
  • Lesnar over Goldberg.


Match Previews

Cruiserweight Championship

The whole cruiserweight multiplication is on a line. If Kalisto defeats Kendrick, he not usually brings a cruiserweight pretension with him to SmackDown, yet also all a wrestlers chasing that championship.

The guarantee of that reorganization will supplement torment to this bout. Kendrick’s heel work has been outstanding, and that should continue here.

Shifting a cruiserweight multiplication from Raw to SmackDown is distant from a protected bet. Yes, a multiplication has sputtered on Raw, yet that would be utterly a extreme pierce after usually dual months.

And that would make some-more clarity if WWE hadn’t suggested weeks ago that Kendrick, Lince Dorado, Cedric Alexander and a rest of a cruiserweights will be removing their possess show, 205 Live. 


Intercontinental Championship

The Miz pushed Dolph Ziggler aside days before Survivor Series to turn IC champ once some-more and acquire his mark on a PPV card. He will face a inspired Zayn, with whom he quickly clashed for that same pretension progressing in a year.

The compare promises to be one of a night’s best, with a top-tier heel and a glorious storyteller during work.

Zayn and The Miz’s story isn’t expected over after Sunday. The former may direct a pierce to SmackDown to follow a crown. Or a Triple Threat compare involving Ziggler could be on a way.

Either way, Zayn will have to wait for his impulse of glory.


Tag Team Elimination Match

With 10 teams to showcase, WWE is going to have to pinpoint that performers it wants to concentration on. The Shining Stars aren’t going to get that nod.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass from a Raw side and American Alpha from SmackDown’s patrol are a many expected possibilities to get a bulk of a spotlight. The crowded, potentially disorderly hitch will boil down to large moments, and these immature stars will emanate theirs on Sunday night.

American Alpha was impassioned after initial relocating to SmackDown this summer. The organisation had to step aside to make room for a feel-good Heath Slater story, yet it’s time for Chad Gable and Jason Jordan to start charging toward a tip tier again.


Women’s Elimination Match

Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Bayley will assure that this will be a stellar match. 

Infighting could simply derail one of these teams’ hopes. Rivals Carmella and Nikki Bella are on a same side. As are a dual women who brutalized any other during Hell in a Cell in October, Banks and Flair.

The speak of this bout, though, will be Jax. As Bleacher Report’s Matt Camp remarkable in his Survivor Series preview, WWE might use a hitch to get her over as a monster:

The titan will make a vital matter by knocking off a series of SmackDown members.


Men’s Elimination Match

WWE’s options in this competition are plentiful.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens’ loyalty could start to disintegrate after a mid-match misunderstanding. The final 3 wrestlers could be all 3 former members of The Shield: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

But among all a crazy and thespian things that could happen, a safest gamble is that Strowman roars, holding down a good cube of Team Blue. WWE has done it transparent how rarely it thinks of him from a get-go. The association has requisitioned him as unstoppable. 

And now he’s corresponding with a U.S. and concept champs, while Rusev, Neville and other earnest talents are staid to skip Survivor Series altogether.

SmackDown will win, though. Raw doesn’t need a movement that comes from this kind of victory. It’s already a marquee show.

The bigger story would be a blue code entrance out on top.


Goldberg vs. Lesnar II

The outcome is easy to predict. It’s how good of a compare this will be that’s uncertain.

WWE isn’t going to have Lesnar dump a compare to a male who might never combat for a company again. It won’t harm a tip monster, a male it requisitioned to finish The Undertaker’s strain and explode John Cena. Lesnar will exist Goldberg en track to whatever large compare during WrestleMania a association has designed for him.

As for Goldberg, this will be a farewell, a possibility to go out on a aloft note than a WrestleMania XX bout, during that fans booed these group unmercifully. 

Goldberg’s age, ring decay and recently tweaked shoulder advise Survivor Series will go off a rails in a shutting moments. But he and Lesnar will warn their critics. This will be a hard-hitting conflict of beasts.

It won’t be prolonged or pretty, yet it will be miles improved than their initial go-round.

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