WWE: The Post Royal Rumble Mailbag, Part 1

January 27, 2015 - WWE

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To contend I’ve perceived a LOT of e-mail about a Roman Reigns conditions after a Royal Rumble would be an understatement. So it’s time for a law mailbag post to purify things out and give a bad folks who are stranded in a snowstorms something to read.


Assume for a impulse that Vince wakes adult (Monday) morning and realizes he screwed things adult in a large approach (Sunday) night. What could he do to ease a charge between now and Wrestlemania brief of an accurate repeat of final year’s scenario?

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I consider unequivocally a categorical problem is that he needs to find a approach to get a people to bond with Roman Reigns. Reigns is only not a unequivocally relatable impression right now, given many of us are not a cousin of a Rock and a selected one who is clearly being positioned to lift a association for a subsequent decade. Daniel Bryan is a everyman scrappy underdog, Dean Ambrose is a crazy man who will do anything to make it, Dolph Ziggler is a ’80s reversion who only wants to be a famous pro wrestler some-more than anything, etc. We unequivocally don’t know who or what Roman Reigns is or what he’s about. You’ve got to settle some kind of impression for a man during some point, possibly it’s widespread butt-kicker like Goldberg or charismatic smart-ass like a Rock, since reading hothouse rhymes isn’t assisting him or anyone else. Monday night’s talk shred with Brock Lesnar was a good start, since during slightest he sounded like a tellurian being to some degree, so if they only let him be himself for a while, in theory fans should start to like him some-more and not be so resentful. And afterwards once they get over a mound of Wrestlemania and only start pulling him over and over until people accept him as a tip guy, he’ll be there for good and there won’t be anything we can do about it anyway. That’s about a best we can wish for, we think.

Hi Scott,

In a arise of this large fan recoil (i.e. #CancelWWENetwork), do we see any probability of WWE environment adult an Elimination Chamber compare during “Fast Lane” where a leader (Daniel Bryan) gets a REAL pretension shot?

No, since Daniel Bryan giving a fans wish for a destiny is a unequivocally genuine problem and partial of a whole reason they’re in this mess. If they had found something else for Bryan to do during Royal Rumble (like confronting Bray Wyatt or whatever) and had finished it transparent that he had some-more critical things to understanding with than perplexing to win a title, a Rumble would have still sucked though during slightest fans wouldn’t spin on it. You’d consider that, anyway. If they don’t wish Bryan as a guy, afterwards fine, though we can’t provoke fans with a probability and afterwards wrench it divided again. Put him on Smackdown, let him have a Intercontinental pretension and stay distant divided from Roman Reigns, and all should ease down again eventually. The problem is that Vince is still a vendor carny during heart and he wants to divert a Bryan pretension follow for a income it’s value though not indeed broach it to a fan base, and we consider everybody knows it during this indicate and sees by it.

I know that questions have been acted before about a “removal” of Vince McMahon from a conduct chair during a engagement table. And many scenarios have been discharged as not realistic. But now that a recoil opposite his “earplug” approach of booking, as we call it, has now gained inhabitant media courtesy and is indeed measurable, by Twitter and network cancellations, what truly can be finished to repair this?

Roman Reigns (WWE Photo)

The WWE batch is going to have to dump a heck of a lot reduce before anything extreme gets done. Really, it’s Vince’s association and no one is going to mislay him until he’s ready. And job Twitter a “measure” of anything is flattering laughable, to be honest.

Dear Scott,

Didn’t see this skimming your posts this morning (I will review them after today!), though how would we have requisitioned a Rumble with Reigns winning? Feel giveaway to cut my wayward next to save space.

I was excellent with Reigns winning though don’t consider a Rumble finished possibly a one (Reigns) or a all demeanour good: Bray was a lifeless ironman before being separated anticlimactically; Rusev looked good until he got Santino disease; Bryan, of course, looked like an simpleton when he was even some-more anticlimactically eliminated. The surprises were satisfactory during best, and so many un-over undercard wrestlers early only killed my seductiveness (the initial 18 had Wyatt, Bryan, and Rusev .. .and that’s it!)

But Reigns was a misfortune since he wasn’t requisitioned that strongly (yes, he shouldn’t have separated 20 guys, though this went too distant a other way): he strike a few high spots when he entered though mostly only hung out in a corners (god, a final 15 mins of a Rumble was only awful) while Big Show and Kane (in 2015!!!) separated everybody solely Ambrose. Of Reigns’ 6 eliminations, 2 were on his possess (the Dusts): Titus was with Ambrose, Kane/Big Show was after a Rock kick them up, and Rusev was separated by irrationality (shouldn’t he have gotten his breeze behind while stealing outside? Why didn’t Lana try to confuse a Rock so Rusev could take him out or Reigns so Rusev could conflict him from behind?)

And afterwards a post-match promo shred was so absurdly terrible: a Rock was bad (by his standards) and hogged approach too most attention, though that was rather distinct given nonetheless another prosaic Reigns promo (that during slightest was giveaway of angel tales). I consider they pronounced “family first” a total 20 times.

They were attack a family angle even harder on RAW Monday night, emphasizing that Reigns was Sika’s son as if anyone in their aim demographic would give a lick who Sika was. More people would remember a Headshrinkers than a Wild Samoans. Vince does adore him some Samoans. Anyway, we remonstrate with a idea that Reigns shouldn’t have separated 20 guys; that’s EXACTLY what he should have done. They are so desperately brief of effective heels that a easiest story line in a universe not to screw adult (dastardly bad guys discharge Daniel Bryan with insanely built contingency and intrigue after Bryan fights valiantly, Roman Reigns comes out and eliminates them all single-handedly to win, Bryan endorses him, DUH!). Yeah, it competence be a tad obnoxious, though we should always error on a side of creation a man demeanour like MORE of a murdering appurtenance badass, we think. Alternatively, have Bryan stay in there until a finish with Reigns until they’re a final dual (so a fans have someone to hearten for a whole way), and have (insert Bryan’s Wrestlemania competition here) interfere and kick him to within an in. of his life before expelling him, so holding all of a feverishness from a fans onto himself. Plus, afterwards Reigns can be ANGRY SAMOAN since (some guy) robbed him of his probability to infer he’s improved than Daniel Bryan! That gives we a module for Daniel Bryan, afterwards dual programs for Reigns after he wins a title. Really, anything would be improved than what they did. 

The mailbag stays full, so we’ll have some-more after this week.

Thankfully, Scott Keith has never been booed off his blog during www.rspwfaq.net, nonetheless not for miss of perplexing by some people.

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