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December 11, 2014 - WWE

The annual jubilee of focussed steel and damaged timber closes out a pay-per-view calendar as WWE TLC 2014 approaches.

Seth Rollins looks to sack John Cena of his eventuality during a WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose supplement seat to their argument and Luke Harper hopes to deflect off Dolph Ziggler in a uncover that promises to showcase a company’s rising stars. It all starts on Sunday during 8 p.m. ET.

The Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, hosts an eventuality that will gaunt heavily on gimmick matches.

Every minute of a TLC acronym is represented. WWE even combined a Steel Stairs compare to a brew for a initial time.

On a register thinned by damage and departures, several up-and-coming Superstars have a possibility to uncover Vince McMahon that they merit to sojourn in a spotlight even when Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Roman Reigns make their approach back.

In further to a wrestlers, it’s a large uncover for WWE itself. Now that a WWE Network’s month-long giveaway hearing is over, a association awaits to see how many folks will hang around for TLC and beyond.


Live Stream, PPV Info

For those who can entrance it, a WWE Network stays a best approach to tide PPV.

Many internal wire companies will lift a show, charging a going rate of about $50. Watching TLC around a WWE Network, though, usually runs fans $9.99, as WWE has kick into a audience. The cost includes a month’s value of entrance to a network’s PPV archive, strange specials and weekly editions of both NXT and Main Event.

Viewers can locate all a bruise-inducing spots on a network through Apple TV, Smart TVs and Amazon Fire TV, among other devices. Alternatively, one can tide a network on a mobile device or mechanism around a WWE app. A full list of concordant inclination is accessible here.

The WWE Network isn’t accessible everywhere yet, though. Check WWE.com’s FAQ section to perspective accessibility by country.



WWE will offer a demeanour during what’s to come on TLC for free. Head to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pheed, Pinterest or a WWE app to see the hour-long pre-show.

In further to interviews, recaps and hype videos aplenty, this lead-in will underline a row of Superstars past and benefaction deliberating a night’s biggest matches.

The newly repackaged coterie The New Day creates their PPV entrance as well. The blue-clad, ultra-positive versions of Big E and Kofi Kingston go adult opposite tab champs Goldust and Stardust. Xavier Woods will be in The New Day’s corner. 

The pre-show will get started during 7 p.m. ET.



  • Jack Swagger vs. Rusev (United States Championship)
  • Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee (Divas Championship)
  • Erick Rowan vs. Big Show (Steel Stairs match)
  • Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper (Intercontinental Championship, Ladder match)
  • The Usos vs. Damien Mizdow and The Miz (Tag Team Championship)
  • Ryback vs. Kane (Chairs match)
  • Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt (TLC match)
  • Seth Rollins vs. John Cena (Tables match)


Swagger vs. Rusev

It’s peculiar to retrace Rusev‘s stairs with this adversary that seemed finished, nonetheless it should furnish some good in-ring action. The dual bruisers have good chemistry.

Rusev knocked off Sheamus for a U.S. title. A self-proclaimed “real American” is his initial challenger.

The large Russian left Swagger’s manager Zeb Colter clutching his leg and wanting medical attention. Swagger can get punish and a second U.S. pretension win with one spin of Rusev‘s ankle.

Rusev, though, has nonetheless to know what a pin or acquiescence feels like from a wrong finish given fasten a categorical roster. Whether his run continues is one of a pivotal subplots to this clash. 


Nikki vs. AJ

The Divas won’t get any toys to play with regardless of a thesis of a PPV. Instead, AJ and Nikki coming have to work with a minimal volume of time after weeks of minimal buildup.

It’s still not transparent because Brie Bella motionless to join army with Nikki in annoy of how she has treated her given SummerSlam. Perhaps that’s what WWE has in mind to answer here, with Brie carrying fooled her sister into meditative she was with her.

Fresh off a Diva of a Year Slammy Award, AJ will make her sixth-consecutive PPV appearance. After how small electricity WWE drew from her argument with Paige, it’s tough to get pumped for her stream rivalry.


Rowan vs. Big Show 

WWE has shone a lot of a spotlight on Rowan given his separate from The Wyatt Family.

It’s been a startling run that has enclosed him removing a gimmick where he is a wine-making, guitar-playing talent who only happens to dress like a automechanic who lives in a swamp. Rowan can continue a surprises if he and Big Show can spin this into something memorable.

The dual large men’s chemistry has been good in their brief encounters so far.

It’s hard, though, to suppose how a Steel Stairs compare will be high quality. It’s in risk of relying too many on a ring stairs element.


Ziggler vs. Harper

Many fans coming Ziggler to stand adult a label after personification favourite for Team Cena during Survivor Series. Perhaps that transformation is still coming, nonetheless for now he continues to occupy a midcard.

His fans roughly don’t wish him to win here. He’s already gotten all he could out of a Intercontinental Championship. Besides, it hasn’t finished anything for Harper nonetheless get him additional losses.

Because of how good these group work together, a ladder being during a core of this and it being a pretension bout, this is a show-stealer in a waiting.

The Showoff is famous for that kind of crime during an event, nonetheless demeanour for Harper to stir as well. His astonishing lively will concede him to do some jaw-dropping spots during this bout.


The Usos vs. Damien Mizdow and The Miz

What competence have only been a fun compare with a possibility for Mizdow to do some-more of his mirroring shtick became some-more personal and heated as of late.

Miz‘s flirtations with Jimmy Uso’s wife, Naomi, has incited a feverishness adult on this feud. It’s lovely that WWE is adding a account to this over a follow for a titles.

That will rouse this match, unless WWE considers it a low priority and gives it small time. It is, after all, one of a few matches that doesn’t engage any tables, ladders or chairs.

Mizdow‘s tragedy with The Miz has slowed as of late, so it’s not coming we’re saying him mangle giveaway from a supposed “A-lister” only yet.


Ryback vs. Kane 

Expect brute force, not artistry, here.

A delay of a Team Cena vs. Team Authority conflict, members of those teams face off in a steel-centered slugfest.

Bashing any other with chairs will be legal. That chapter doesn’t routinely lead to an glorious match, though.

Ryback is one of a Superstars who can many urge his stock. Taking a skinny story and a gimmick that is typically zero special and still somehow creation a large sense will concede him to continue his redemptive tour out of a attic of a roster.


Ambrose vs. Wyatt

Their Survivor Series matchup radically served as an ad for this one. The power has given picked adult between them, interjection to a damaged rocking chair and a dejected trachea.

Ambrose is on a roll, display himself to be categorical eventuality estimable during Hell in a Cell and for many of a year on Raw. Wyatt’s intensity is still plentiful, nonetheless he hasn’t had a resume like Ambrose’s yet.

Some of that has been WWE‘s peculiar engagement of him. For a monster, he certain gets defeated a lot.

A win for him sets adult a third turn between them, an even bigger compare during a Royal Rumble. There is a lot of dim psychology left to try with this feud, so it would be correct for WWE to keep this thing rolling.


Rollins vs. Cena

As many hype as Lesnar has earned, this has in many ways been a year of Rollins. He has risen to top-heel status, carries around a Money in a Bank briefcase and has been concerned in a final 3 PPV categorical events.

With WrestleMania deteriorate quick approaching, Rollins can supplement one large nick to his belt should he top off a year with a classical opposite Cena.

The Tables compare chapter could get in his and Cena‘s way, nonetheless design Mr. Money in a Bank to step adult big.

Cena, though, is coming to win. His No. 1 contender mark is on a line. WWE not going with Lesnar vs. Cena III would be a shocker. 

For Rollins and his associate dermatitis stars, this is a night of large at-bats. Not all of a stars are going to make a many of those, nonetheless examination them all try to strike home runs will be fun to watch.

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