WWE TLC 2014: Feuds Guaranteed to Disappoint Fans

December 12, 2014 - WWE

WWE’s TLC eventuality looks set to be a earnest pay-per-view in many respects: Seth Rollins and John Cena are set to quarrel it out, with Cena’s pretension shot on a line. Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt are also due to strife in what will no doubt be a heartless and deeply noted match.

But, alas, a uncover is also hindered by some rather awful feuds—ones that positively won’t make for good, or even decent, bouts. Let’s have a demeanour during a rather common programs that fans should prop themselves for streamer into Sunday.


Ryback vs. Kane

Ryback and Kane are now feuding, many expected given a artistic group couldn’t come adult with any improved ideas for possibly of them.

It’s been a rather gloomy argument so far—and it’s tough to see them branch this around during a pay-per-view.

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Indeed, their compare substantially won’t be most good during all. Ryback might have glamour and power in spades, though he stills struggles severely as an in-ring performer. Kane, meanwhile, has achieved improved over a years, though being means to drag a former Nexus member to anything decent is substantially over him.

Throw in a chairs stipulation—which will substantially offer to mystify things and make a hitch even messier—and we can know because many wrestling fans will be tuning out for this one.


Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Evil heel Rusev is scheduled to urge his United States Championship opposite Jack Swagger. The nationalistic Swagger is fighting to move a belt back…to America! Fine sentiments, solely no one unequivocally cares about Swagger or a marginalized belt.

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WWE so desperately wants to make Rusev’s heel army demeanour like something out of a classical ‘80s crack Rocky IV. Honestly, during this point, it’s some-more like a lifeless and awful Rocky V.

Rusev and Lana are perplexing their best, of course, though they need improved element and opponents if they are truly going to flower in WWE.


Erick Rowan vs. Big Show

Erick Rowan and Big Show are also set to quarrel during a pay-per-view—much to a insusceptibility of a masses. Seriously, this hitch feels like time-filler and small more.

Rowan has some potential, though he’s substantially not going to be anything some-more than a midcard act in his career. He’s simply too tasteless and doesn’t accurately have stirring mic skills. WWE will substantially try with him for a while before it realizes this and gives up, relegating him behind to a reduce midcard.

Credit: WWE.com

Big Show, meanwhile, is entrance off his rather pointless and uncanny heel spin during Survivor Series. Yes, a hulk incited nonetheless again—he has swung so most from heel to face over a march of his 15-year WWE career it’s roughly unfit to keep count of his turns.

A (very) severe theory is that he’s incited 25-30 times given 1999—which is frightening.

It’s no consternation it’s tough to caring about his stream character. He’ll have substantially incited face again before a TLC pay-per-view is even finished.

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