WWE TLC 2014: Most Questionable Moments from PPV

December 16, 2014 - WWE

While it might have had some good moments—the Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper ladder bout, in particular—it’s tough to disagree that WWE’s TLC pay-per-view was a successful show. The eventuality was filled with many questionable and undisguised foolish engagement decisions, that sinister it.  

Watching a show, we couldn’t assistance though consternation either Vince McMahon and his group of writers were so bustling and tired after a bustling 2014 that they were only throwing anything they could consider of out there. Come on. Hairspray? Electrocutions?


Dean Ambrose vs. Exploding Television

Credit: WWE.com

Dean Ambrose losing and scarcely being blinded due to an bursting radio might go down as one of a many barbarous pay-per-view endings all of time. It was like something WCW’s group of unhandy writers would have come adult with in 2000. You roughly have to consternation if Vince Russo has been personally rehired by WWE in a consultant role.

It was most a cartoon, and it illustrated a fact that McMahon doesn’t know a thing about complicated technology.

Credit to Ambrose and Bray Wyatt. Both group attempted tough in a match. Most of a in-ring movement was heartless and compelling, though even they couldn’t overcome a absurd and roughly waggish booking. 

Following WWE’s pyrotechnics show, some fans took to Twitter to offer their criticisms of a angle:

The detriment set Ambrose behind even further. While fans clearly see a star as a large deal, WWE clearly hasn’t held on. How disappointing.


AJ Lee vs. Beauty Products 

The Divas Championship compare also had a satisfactory share of craziness. While a arbitrate was distracted, Nikki Bella blinded AJ Lee with hairspray and afterwards strike her finisher to collect adult a win.  

It was ridiculous.

Alexandra Wyman/Associated Press

In a fatuous try to sell a earnest of this angle, WWE expelled a matter on a official website after a uncover observant that Lee was pang from “chemical conjunctivitis.” And people consternation because everybody struggles to take a women’s belt seriously.

Oh, well. We should substantially only be beholden she didn’t get electrocuted.


WWE Bookers vs. Logic

The compare sequence of TLC left a lot to be desired.

Scripting Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper to go on early was a mistake. The hitch was so stirring and such an romantic drum coaster that a rest of a label felt like an anticlimax.

Putting on Ambrose vs. Wyatt final was a bad thought too, generally deliberation a ending. It sealed out a uncover on a totally gloomy note. In retrospect, John Cena vs. Seth Rolls should have left last. With Cena winning, it would have during slightest done for a happy finale to a PPV.  

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