WWE TLC 2014: Titles Most Likely to Change Hands during Event

December 3, 2014 - WWE

Look for a integrate of titles to change hands during WWE‘s TLC eventuality after this month, as a association shakes things adult streamer into 2015 and a Royal Rumble pay-per-view. In fact, it will be unequivocally engaging to see what WWE does with several of a midcard belts during a show.


The Intercontinental Championship

Luke Harper’s dropping a Intercontinental Championship behind to Dolph Ziggler seems likely.

Cleveland—where a uncover is holding place—is Ziggler‘s hometown. WWE will wish to give a throng a good feel-good impulse and send them home happy. Booking Ziggler to remove would usually needlessly discourage them and potentially impede a rest of a show.

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And Ziggler‘s career has been on a upswing given his fantastic opening in a Survivor Series categorical eventuality final month. It creates ideal clarity for him to get his belt behind too.

Arguably, Harper isn’t unequivocally delivering as champion either—he’s a plain in-ring performer of course, though he seems to miss that special something that creates a wrestler a must-see attraction. This is another reason because switching a belt wouldn’t be a bad idea.


The WWE Tag Team Championship

At TLC, The Miz and Damien Mizdow will urge their newly won WWE Tag Team Championship opposite Jimmy and Jay Uso. This is indeed branch into a sincerely engaging feud—unusual for a company’s seared tab division.

Notably, The Miz exacerbated things with Jimmy by distinguished adult a review with Jimmy’s wife, Naomi, backstage on Monday’s Raw, praising her for her talents and looks and hinting he could make her a large Hollywood star if she followed his career advice. Her father wasn’t too pleased, to put it mildly. Yes, this argument is removing personal—and it’s all a improved for it. Credit to Jimmy for display some genuine glow and passion in a angle too.

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So don’t be too astounded if The Usos finish adult gaining some magnitude of punish by winning a belts during a pay-per-view—it would shake things adult a bit and assistance keep this module going.


The Divas Championship

While Nikki Bella usually only won a Divas Championship during Survivor Series final month, it shouldn’t warn anyone too most if she ends adult dropping a pretension during a arriving pay-per-view. WWE mostly has a robe of personification prohibited potato with a women’s belt—just demeanour during how mostly AJ Lee and Paige have traded a pretension over a past few months.

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Possibly, Bella could remove it behind to Lee, that creates sense. WWE seems dynamic to keep Lee in a pretension picture, no matter what.

Naomi, who won Monday’s fan vote, is also a candidate. The star has always been a unequivocally important women’s wrestler, and as a voting formula show, she’s apparently sincerely over with a WWE Universe. Certainly, she deserves a pretension run as most as anyone.

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