WWE TLC 2016: AJ Styles And Dean Ambrose Should Say Goodbye To James Ellsworth

November 30, 2016 - WWE

WWE TLC’s categorical eventuality of AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose has been overshadowed, by of all people, James Ellsworth, SmackDown’s newest star.

(Credit: WWE/YouTube)

(Credit: WWE/YouTube)

In what has morphed into a Cinderella story that not even a many talented angel story author could have concocted, Ellsworth has signed a legitimate WWE contract, picked adult 3 wins over a WWE World Champion and even warranted himself a destiny World pretension shot.

But if too most of anything is a bad thing, afterwards we’ve positively gotten too most of Ellsworth.

What started off as an interesting story of a loyal loser has turn a farce, one that has a hapless side outcome of being a wreckage to Styles, Ambrose and a once prestigious WWE World title. After all, mislaid in a violence surrounding Ellsworth’s rare arise to being WWE’s tip t-shirt seller is a repairs his pull has finished to those stars around him.

For starters, there is Styles, who has degraded John Cena in pay-per-view matches on 3 apart occasions, that only so happens to be a same volume of times that he has mislaid to Ellsworth. Yes, a stream WWE World Champion has mixed waste to a saved encouragement talent. Let that penetrate in a for a minute.

Then, there’s Ambrose, who brought a WWE World Championship to SmackDown, though has given remade into what is mostly a sitcom impression interjection to his organisation with Ellsworth. Ambrose has dressed adult as The Mountie, grown a love/hate bromance with Ellsworth and incited a SmackDown main eventuality into a laughable forgive of a match.

While there is positively a place for Ellsworth on a roster, in a categorical eventuality design alongside Styles and Ambrose is not it.

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