WWE TLC 2016: AJ Styles, The Miz And The Most Likely Winners

December 1, 2016 - WWE

WWE TLC, headlined by AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose as good as Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno, will be SmackDown’s last pay-per-view of 2016.

(Credit: WWE)

(Credit: WWE)

And it’s a large one, too.

Not usually is TLC a final stop for SmackDown on a highway to The Royal Rumble, though it also could be a finish of a stream PPV format as we know it. Due to violence over WWE Network’s subscriber count, WWE is reportedly looking during scaling behind on a series of PPVs subsequent year, creation TLC a vicious partial of a company’s devise to attract new viewers to a Network.

With fewer shows slated for 2017, a significance of SmackDown’s brand-exclusive shows can’t be overstated. The blue code has a many thinner register than Raw, so it’s needed that a PPV events are installed adult with must-see matches and that a outcomes of those bouts are requisitioned correctly.

Will WWE accomplish that idea during TLC? Let’s inspect a many expected winners for any compare during a PPV and analyze the impact they’ll have on WWE.

(Credit: WWE)

(Credit: WWE)

No Disqualification Match: Nikki Bella vs. Carmella

Carmella has softened leaps and end given fasten a roster, and as a up-and-comer, she should get a win over Nikki Bella, who is a seasoned veteran.

That’s accurately what total to occur since there’s still a “mystery” per who pounded Nikki during Survivor Series and took her out of a 5-on-5 match. But isn’t a answer obvious? It had to be Natalya, who transposed Nikki and substantially ensured that a dual would argument down a road.

And with WWE expected wanting to strengthen Nikki during TLC, Natalya is a out for this match. She can meddle on Carmella’s interest and assistance her improved Nikki in a process, environment adult Nikki vs. Natalya for down a road.

Prediction: Carmella

(Credit: WWE)

(Credit: WWE)

Chairs Match: Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto

This adversary stems all a approach behind to pre-SummerSlam and facilities arguably a dual many dissipated talents on SmackDown.

Both Kalisto and Baron Corbin should be in a improved position on a label than they now are, and really, this is only a incomprehensible midcard adversary with dual guys who don’t have a subsidy of a throng or any feverishness to this storyline. The outcome of this compare is fundamentally a silver flip, though Corbin is some-more expected to get a pull shortly since a blue code needs a new singles heel to rouse adult a card.

Prediction: Corbin

(Credit: WWE)

(Credit: WWE)

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Heath Slater and Rhyno (c) vs. Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

SmackDown’s tag group multiplication is a show’s biggest debility in partial since it only doesn’t container a star energy that Raw’s tag multiplication has.

That problem will be bound during WWE TLC, when dual of a blue brand’s biggest singles stars improved a comedic twin of Heath Slater and Rhyno to win a tab titles. There unequivocally is no other judicious outcome here since Slater and Rhyno shouldn’t be violence Orton and Wyatt, a latter of that deserves to get his initial pretension run in WWE.

The new Wyatt Family winning bullion for a initial time is a judicious subsequent step for this story, that has incited out improved than anyone expected could have illusory and substantially won’t strech a consummate until WrestleMania 33, where one of dual things could happen: A newly babyface Orton faces Wyatt one-on-one, or a dual dump a titles to a rising group like American Alpha.

Prediction: Orton and Wyatt

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