WWE TLC 2016: Live Results And Reaction

December 4, 2016 - WWE

Credit: WWE.com

7:00 PM EST WWE TLC is live with a kickoff row featuring Daniel Bryan, Renee Young, Booker T and the debuting Peter Rosenberg. Tom Phillips is holding down a amicable media lounge.

7:34 PM EST Becky Lynch participates in a QA in a Social Media Lounge with a degraded Tom Phillips.

7:39 PM EST Apollo Crews and Curt Hawkins start things off as Crews hits an considerable dropkick and tags Zack Ryder. The former tab group partners tease a confrontation but Hawkins tags in Konnor. Konnor takes control and mocks Ryder. Ryder comes behind with a neckbreaker for a count of two. Mojo Rawley tags in and does a Hammer Dance before “dropping a hammer” on Viktor. Aiden English tags in and works over Rawley’s arm before Rawley fires behind with a right hand.

7:42 PM EST The twin sides take turns eliminating each other until Apollo Crews is left as a final male standing, most to a crowd’s delight. The babyfaces purify residence again as a compare takes a blurb break.

7:45 PM EST Curt Hawkins is determining chad Gable as we come behind from break. Viktor tags in and puts a boots to Gable before tagging in Viktor as fans start to get behind Gable. Konnor tags out as Gable attempts to finish a nightfall flip and Viktor resumes control. Aiden English tags in and gets a shot in before tagging in Simon Gotch. The twin bond with twin punches to Gable.

7:49 PM EST Viktor hits an considerable pop-up superkick, though a tumble is damaged adult by Jason Jordan. Aiden English tags in and drift Gable. Gable finally creates a prohibited tab to Jason Jordan who connects with a array of dropkicks and suplexes. Rawley and Ryder come in and strike a Hype Ryder on Aiden English. American Alpha strike leaping clotheslines, afterwards Crews hits a suplex to a outward on Hawkins. American Alpha hits Grand Amplitude on Simon Gotch for a win.

8:09 PM EST The Wyatt Family has a new opening for a thesis strain that incorporates aged Randy Orton elements. The Dallas throng is unequivocally into them as a compare starts with Rhyno gaining an early advantage over Bray Wyatt before Wyatt takes control and tags in Orton.

Rhyno tags in Slater who connects with an mattock hoop pound on Orton. Orton cuts off Slater’s offense though behind comes Slater with a leg lariat. Slater’s movement is slowed with a leg brush by Bray. Orton hits his signature stomps on Slater and behind comes Wyatt with clubbing forearms to a behind of Slater’s neck. Bray hits a large dash in a dilemma on Slater as he poses for a crowd, who showering him with cheers. After a nearfall, Wyatt dumps Slater out of a ring and tags out.

Orton hits a outrageous powerslam on Slater, who attempted to springboard behind into a ring. After another nearfall, Orton tags out.

8:14 PM EST Luke Harper takes a Gore for Randy Orton who reenters a ring and hits a RKO on Rhyno for a 3 count. Fans explode in fun as The New Wyatt Family are your new tab group champions.

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