WWE TLC 2017 Results: Kurt Angle Will Wrestle Again And 5 Things We Learned

October 23, 2017 - WWE

WWE TLC 2017 featured Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose overcoming a star-studded quintet of Raw’s top heels and Finn Balor commanding AJ Styles in a cross-branded dream match.

Credit: WWE/Twitter

Credit: WWE/Twitter

The pay-per-view had to be restructured due to medical issues inspiring Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt, and with both John Cena and Brock Lesnar also off a show, a late additions of Angle and Balor clearly exposed Raw’s lack of abyss and showed that many of a show’s programming unequivocally needs to improve. The Shield’s lapse and a entrance of Asuka were a usually things on a label value removing sparkling about to start with, and WWE had to take unfortunate measures to safeguard that a TLC uncover wouldn’t totally tumble apart.

Angle filled in superbly on such brief notice while Styles delivered a show-stealing compare with Balor that demonstrated because both stars deserved to be pushed. But Angle’s in-ring lapse was a last-minute thing, and Styles is headed behind to SmackDown, definition that Raw will have to find a approach to spin around a struggling ratings after a show’s latest part generated a misfortune viewership given approach behind in June.

The good news, though: Reigns will expected be behind comparatively soon, and we still have The Shield’s central in-ring lapse to demeanour brazen to. With WWE being forced to reason off on The Shield’s initial compare in 3 years, Lesnar set to come behind on this week’s Raw and a doorway now open for Angle to wrestle, things are indeed starting to demeanour adult again for a red brand.

Here are 5 things we schooled during WWE TLC, a final stop before subsequent month’s Survivor Series PPV.

Kurt Angle Will Wrestle Again

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Unfortunate resources forced Angle into a ring during TLC, nonetheless after Angle pronounced usually a integrate of months ago he has yet to take a really despotic WWE physical, his inclusion in a TLC categorical eventuality advise he upheld a earthy and is privileged to wrestle.

WWE wouldn’t put Angle in a ring if there were any genuine concerns about his health, so his lapse during TLC virtually guarantees that he will combat in a future, that is a outrageous manoeuvre for a company. Angle has played a pivotal purpose in dual outrageous angles given his lapse to WWE after WrestleMania, and his coming in dual categorical eventuality segments on Raw resulted in impossibly impressive viewership increases for both of those episodes.

Angle, nonetheless stable and limited, delivered a peculiarity opening during TLC that should set a theatre for him to combat again.

As we’ve seen with all a hum and fad total by a proclamation of Angle’s in-ring return, there is still copiousness of seductiveness in saying Angle behind in a ring, generally after he demonstrated during TLC that he still has “it.” While there are no evident matches lined adult for him, Angle’s good opening during TLC has to have ensured that WWE government will have adequate faith in him to put him in a ring.

With WWE’s part-timer good drying adult interjection to a (apparent) departures of Goldberg and The Undertaker, Angle is one of a few attractions a association has left, and a overwhelmingly certain response to his return, total with his apparent sketch power, ensures he’ll be behind in a ring soon, presumably during WrestleMania 34.

Braun Strowman May Have Turned Babyface

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

With each jaw-dropping opening Braun Strowman has, it’s apropos some-more and some-more transparent that WWE might be forced to spin him babyface, and that might have indeed happened during TLC.

WWE has, to an extent, changed divided from a normal heel and babyface roles, nonetheless Strowman is building into such a reputable star and a must-see captivate that fans are reacting to him roughly like they would an determined babyface legend. As we know, there is copiousness of justification that indicates Strowman is apropos a large draw, including his ability to pull fans to WWE’s YouTube channel like no one else in a company.

And during TLC, Strowman delivered nonetheless another impossibly considerable pay-per-per opening that continued a “oohs” and “aahs” from a throng and demonstrated that it might be probably unfit for him to be a heel long-term. Perhaps that’s why, during TLC, Kane incited on Strowman, and a rest of his group followed suit, environment a theatre for Strowman to potentially settle himself as a good guy. Although he, of course, doesn’t need to be a babyface in a mold of someone like John Cena, he expected would flower in many a same purpose he is in now, with a usually disproportion being that he targets heels instead of babyfaces.

It’s not each day that we see someone get over to a turn that Strowman has, and if TLC taught us anything, it’s that WWE needs to gain on that by creation Strowman a many commercial babyface large man. Maybe that’s what TLC accomplished, with Strowman apparently set to argument with a mean Kane.

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