WWE Tough Enough 2015: Recap, Reaction and Elimination from Jul 14

July 15, 2015 - WWE

After 4 weeks of competition, a margin is starting to slight on WWE Tough Enough. Hank, Alex and Daria have all been eliminated, and Dianna chose to take herself out of a foe for personal reasons.

With one additional chairman withdrawal final week than planned, WWE had to hasten to find a new contestant. Chelsea Green, whom many will remember as a earthy therapist Stephanie McMahon claimed had an event with Daniel Bryan, has assimilated a competition.

The fact that a uncover chose to use someone new instead of giving a formerly separated expel member another shot during stardom is a bit strange, though this is WWEand a association isn’t always famous for creation a many judicious decisions.


Fourth Week’s Challenges

King Barrett was a special guest this week, and his pursuit was to assistance a competitors broach good promos. He immediately started slicing a promo on Billy Gunn and Booker T, dual organisation who have won a King of a Ring title.

But that wasn’t a competition. It was usually an practice to get a contestants prepared for a genuine challenge. They went to a comedy bar and had to give promos destined during other members of a cast.

Here is a relapse of a matchups:

  • Mada vs. Josh
  • Giorgia vs. Chelsea
  • Tanner vs. Patrick
  • Gabi vs. Amanda
  • Sara Lee vs. ZZ

Josh tried, unsuccessfully, to use his British impression from a gimmick challenge. Had Barrett been there, it’s expected that he would have found a accent both scornful and waggish during a same time. Gabi addressed a assembly instead of her opponent, so it looked as if she had no suspicion what a indicate of a defence wasand Amanda called her out on it.

ZZ won his conflict with Sara Lee, who seemed shaken and messed adult some lines. Jericho got adult there and laid into her about all a things he sees as weaknesses. Back in a studio, Paige showed some disappointment with Sara’s swell adult to this point, though Hulk Hogan suspicion she was during slightest perplexing harder.

It felt like Patrick and Tanner were revelation any other how they unequivocally felt instead of attempting to cut a illusory promo. It helped Patrick sign a win.

Then a play started. Patrick got into it with Mada and Josh, and things roughly incited into another fight. ZZ was in a middle, perplexing to keep things civil, though his efforts were for zilch in a end. Once a drinks started being thrown, it felt some-more like an part of The Real Housewives than an part of Tough Enough.

The second defence consisted of training a elementary tackle and a elementary bodyslam. Most of a competitors had no problem picking adult a basics, though Sara had difficulty with both lifting and being carried by someone else. Gunn review her a demonstration act for creation a same mistakes over and over again.

Josh and Chelsea warranted wins for a day. It’s good for a newest chairman in a residence to settle herself as a genuine competitor, and she did usually that.

Patrick’s ego wouldn’t concede him to let Josh have a win. He had to tell a camera that he was still a best. His certainty is a good trait to have, though his cockiness competence be his rain eventually.


Meanwhile, Back during a Barracks

Chelsea was removing gentle in a fort before a contestants returned from final week’s show. It took all of a notation before another evidence pennyless out.

This time, it was Gabi and Amanda contention about a fight they had during final week’s Tough Talk. It seemed like some of a other people in a fort were sleepy of a play from a looks on their faces.

One of a few things that didn’t revolve around an evidence was a impulse between Chelsea and Tanner. It looked like dual eighth graders flirting with any other for a initial time. Tanner pulled a quick one and stole a lick when Chelsea went in for a hug. It’s tough to contend how she felt about it given a uncover cut to a studio so quickly.

Sara had a bit of a relapse after a second challenge, though it was honeyed to see Amanda, Giorgia and Chelsea support and console her after she was yelled during in dual opposite challenges.


Week 4 Elimination: Gabi

During a live segment, Paige got into an evidence with Sara about not stepping up, and for a initial time in this competition, Sara showed some fire. It competence not be enough, though during slightest it’s something.

Hogan called out Patrick for some of a things he has been observant during a foe and even announced that his promo skills sucked after he had won a defence progressing in a show. Hogan pronounced he suspicion Mada should have won a promo foe instead of Patrick.

When it came time to commission 3 people, Paige picked Sara again, Bryan chose Gabi for her miss of promo skills and Hogan brought adult Tanner.

Instead of a common 30-second plea, any chairman on a chopping retard had a possibility to cut a promo on a decider who had comparison them for elimination.

Once again, Gabi didn’t seem to grasp a judgment and pleaded to stay instead of doing what was asked of her. Tanner forsaken a ball, too. Sara seemed to stir Paige with her promo.

The judges opted not to use any saves for a fourth week in a row, and when a votes were tallied, Gabi was sent home. She competence have been stealing her loyal emotions, though she didn’t seem all that dissapoint about being voted off a show.


Tough Talk

It was engaging to find out that Gabi and Amanda’s argument goes behind to their days as aptness models, and it didn’t usually rise during a show. They kept things polite on stage, though we could tell there was no possibility they would be going to get coffee together anytime soon.

Patrick’s issues with Tanner, Mada and Josh were brought up, and he continued to speak rabble to everyone, like he had already won a competition.

He and Mada were given a possibility to cut promos on any other. Patrick won, though Mada valid he has a tangible impression in mind, should he ever make it to WWE.

Chelsea concurred that it competence not be satisfactory that WWE brought her into a foe this late in a game, though she seemed dedicated to proof that she deserves to be there.

Hogan gave ZZ a outrageous enrich when he pronounced ZZ reminded him of Dusty Rhodes, and it was transparent that it meant a lot to him as a large fan of The American Dream.

Lita done an coming toward a finish of a show, and it was good to see her give Sara a certainty boost by giving her props on her promo with Paige.

Once again, The Miz showed since this is a ideal sourroundings for him. He controls a conditions though being crude and has some-more than adequate amusement and glamour to keep things light and entertaining.


Interesting Tidbits

  • It was good to see Bryan acknowledge that each chairman he nominated was separated in a initial 3 weeks, and it happened again this week.
  • Apparently, Tanner tried, and failed, to get with Sara Lee.
  • Paige and Hogan consider Tanner has no game, though Bryan reputable his efforts.
  • Hearing Hogan use a tenure “smart mark” was awesome, generally given he was regulating it when referring to Patrick.
  • Renee Young looked like she didn’t trust Gabi during all when Gabi pronounced she wasn’t there to collect fights.
  • Sara won with 63 percent of a vote. It seems like each time Paige puts her adult for elimination, she gets some-more popular.
  • Daniel Bryan called a Battleground pay-per-view “Battlefield.” Covering it adult by observant Hogan called a Silverdome “the Superdome” during WrestleMania 30 was waggish since he got it backward. Hogan indeed called a Superdome “the Silverdome” by mistake.
  • It was humorous that Bryan brought adult a storyline he had with Chelsea and forced her to acknowledge that there was no affair. It was also engaging to find out that Brie has popped both Bryan’s and Chelsea’s eardrums when slapping them.


Final Thoughts

Regardless of how we feel about a prior eliminations, a right chairman went home this week. Sara Lee competence have struggled a most, though she has all a time in a universe to urge formed on how many votes she is getting.

Gabi was surrounded by a many drama, and while that creates for good existence television, it won’t assistance her in a locker room. When we spend 250 to 300 days a year with a same organisation of people, we have to be means to squish beefs and make peace, and she doesn’t seem able of doing that.

It was good to see Patrick step adult in a promo challenge, though his opinion is starting to wear thin. He competence be gifted and have a many chronological knowledge, though he needs to learn how to be humble. Being cocky is revelation everybody how good we are; being assured is vouchsafing your actions do a articulate for you.

Granted, he is usually 19. He is hardly out of high school, so it’s probable that he hasn’t spent adequate time in a genuine universe to know how to correlate with others regulating honour and humility. Hopefully, being called out for his audacity will assistance him mature, since he has a lot of potential.

With 9 competitors left, we are starting to learn who has a many ability and who isn’t measuring up. Hopefully, a fans start voting formed on talent and not celebrity subsequent week.


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