WWE Wants Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, And Undertaker To Be A Part Of The 2017 ‘Royal Rumble’

October 4, 2016 - WWE

Last week, WWE announced that a Royal Rumble eventuality will be returning to a Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, for a initial time given 1997, and roughly immediately after a announcement, fans began to assume about who might uncover adult during a event, that is holding place on Jan 29.

Over 60,000 fans packaged a Alamodome a final time a Royal Rumble eventuality was hold there, creation it a many attended Rumble eventuality of all-time, and according to ESPN, WWE is looking to mangle that record when they lapse to San Antonio in January.

It’s tough to trust that WWE will be means to mangle a assemblage record by usually carrying their stream register of masculine and womanlike superstars contest on a show, that is why, according to Cageside Seats, WWE is looking during bringing in 3 WWE legends, and maybe some-more importantly, 3 Texas locals to seem on a show.

In their daily “Rumor Roundup” article, Cageside Seats remarkable that WWE is pitching ideas for a Royal Rumble uncover to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker.

“WWE is approaching to make a large representation for Texans like Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and presumably even Undertaker to work Royal Rumble in San Antonio, even if usually in small, non-wrestling roles.”

On Saturday, The Inquisitr’s possess Will McCormick remarkable that WWE was formulation on reaching out to Steve Austin per an coming during a Royal Rumble. Of course, it’s doubtful that Austin will finish adult wrestling on a show, given he seems to be some-more than calm with staying retired. In fact, during an talk on Sirius XM’s Opie with Jim Norton uncover progressing this year, Austin pronounced “I have no business being in a wrestling ring” after he was asked if he was ever going to combat again. So, it looks like Austin has his mind finished up, though that doesn’t meant that we won’t see him plate out a integrate of Stone Cold Stunners if he appears during a event.

Like Austin, Shawn Michaels isn’t meddlesome in wrestling again. After he late in 2010, Michaels betrothed that he’d never combat again, and so distant he’s stayed loyal to that promise. But, from time to time, we have seen him come behind and get physical, so him attack during slightest one super flog during a 2017 Royal Rumble eventuality isn’t out of a question.

Both Michaels and Austin were outrageous tools of a final Royal Rumble that took place in a Alamodome, as Austin was that year’s Royal Rumble winner, and Michaels regained a WWE World Heavyweight Championship after defeating Sycho Sid in a show’s categorical event.

WWE has brought a Rumble behind to San Antonio given a 1997 event, as a 2007 Royal Rumble was hold in San Antonio’s ATT Center, and The Undertaker finished adult winning that year’s 30-man match. As formerly noted, WWE is formulation on reaching out to “The Deadman,” though will he indeed uncover adult during a event?

The final time we saw The Undertaker was during WrestleMania 32, where he degraded Shane McMahon inside Hell in a Cell. Following a match, it was reported by a Wrestling Observer that Undertaker told Vince McMahon that he was finished with wrestling — definition that he had motionless to retire from in-ring competition. He was afterwards pulled from a annual post-WrestleMania European tour, that suggested that he was, in fact, retired.

On tip of reaching out to Austin, Michaels, and Undertaker, What Culture has reported that WWE is formulation on reaching out to several Mexican wrestling legends, including Rey Mysterio, anticipating that they’ll wish to be a partial of a 2017 Royal Rumble. Of course, Mysterio, who was strictly expelled from WWE final year, has pronounced that he’d be meddlesome in returning to a association if they offering him a right deal.

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