WWE welcomes 11 new NXT recruits to WWE Performance Center

April 13, 2015 - WWE

WWE (NYSE: WWE) announced that a new, general category of 11 recruits — including former collegiate athletes, bodybuilders and talent from a eccentric wrestling circuit — from 7 countries have started training during a WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

The WWE Performance Center is a home of NXT, a developmental multiplication and code prolongation for WWE. With 7 training rings, a world-class strength and conditioning module and cutting-edge revise and prolongation facilities, a Performance Center will concede a new category to file their skills by a extensive module that includes in-ring training, earthy preparedness and impression development.

“The tellurian strech of WWE is reflected in a farrago of this category of NXT recruits,” Paul Triple H Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events Creative, pronounced in a release. “Talent is a many critical healthy apparatus we have, and these people will have each event to file their skills and perform their dream of apropos a WWE Superstar or Diva during a WWE Performance Center.”

The new NXT category includes:


· Cassie McIntosh (Born in Sydney, resides in Melbourne, Australia) – Trained with Pro Wrestling Alliance in Sydney given 2011. In 2012, was lerned by Lance Storm, a former WWE Superstar who now runs a Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Proficient in dance and acrobatics.

· Jessica McKay (Sydney, Australia) – Since 2008, has lerned with Pro Wrestling Alliance in Sydney, as good as Ring of Honor.


· Nhooph Al-Areebi (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) – Trained with Squared Circle given 2011 and was a member of a Toronto Circus School from 2008-2012. Also lerned in rhythmic gymnastics. Speaks English and Arabic.


· Axel Tischer (Dresdan, Germany) – Trained with GWF Wrestling in Berlin given 2006. Served in a German Army from 2005-2007, achieving a arrange of Private First Class.


· Oscar Vasquez (Ciudad Juarez, Mexico) – Trained in Juarez in Lucha Libre character of wrestling. Worked with CWF Mid-Atlantic. Dual citizen of Mexico and a United States.


· Radomir Petkovic (Belgrade, Serbia) – European Vice Champion during a 2010 European Wrestling Championships and was a two-time bronze medalist during 2009 Mediterranean Games in Greco-Roman and Freestyle. Speaks Russian and English.

United Kingdom:

· Peter Howard (Exeter, England) – Played collegiate Rugby in a UK and was a informal Discus Champion.

United States:

· Kenneth Crawford (Chicago, Illinois/Anson County, North Carolina) – Served in a U.S. Marine Corps for 4 years and amassed a ideal 300 measure in a United States Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test. Holds a North Carolina South Piedmont and Anson high propagandize annals in a 200-meter run, 400 scale and 1,600 relay. Anson High School Athlete of a Year in 2007.

· Thomas Kingdon (Traverse City, Michigan) – Competed in Amateur Bodybuilding and won a Super Heavyweight Class during a 2013 NPC Central States Competition.

· Sesugh Uhaa (Atlanta, Georgia) – High School Soccer, Football and TrackField star. Began training in 2009 and worked for Dragon Gate USA.

· Levis Valenzuela Jr. (Durham, North Carolina) – Trained with CWF Mid-Atlantic in 2013. Proficient in dance and won several awards for collegiate ballroom dancing. Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from UNC Charlotte. Grew adult in a United States, lived in South Korea from 2011-2013 and speaks Spanish.

The new category will join a organisation of 55 group and women training during a state-of-the-art, 26,000 square-foot WWE Performance Center. The venue offers a full training knowledge with genuine time feedback from superb WWE coaches, trainers and doctors, giving performers a resources they need to rise their talent — athletically and creatively.

Additionally, recruits will be enthralled in WWE’s Professional Development module that focuses on 4 pivotal pillars of growth – Life Skills, Education, Wellness, Career Success.

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