WWE WrestleMania 2015: Predictions for Event’s Biggest Stars

March 18, 2015 - WWE

With WWE WrestleMania 31 quick approaching, predictions for some of a biggest stars in a WWE are abundant in a air.

Several outrageous matches make for many expectation and outlook about how events will play out during WrestleMania, with swerves and play expected.

And even nonetheless all a matches on a label are formulating a bit of a buzz, a tip dogs in WWE will hoard a many attention. What can we design for 3 of a company’s biggest stars on a Grandest Stage of Them All?

Let’s start with John Cena. Even nonetheless Cena is going to be competing comparatively early on in a night (by his possess high standards, during least), there will still be a large spotlight on him.

It’s widely approaching that he will finally take down Rusev at WrestleMania, avenging a detriment in a prior pay-per-view to come behind tough and win. It’s not separate to a conditions that existed between Cena and his competition during final year’s WrestleMania, Bray Wyatt.

The worry for WWE fans will be how tough Wyatt seemed to tumble down a pecking sequence after that loss, and after months of building Rusev adult well, is WWE about to dump a round with another immature star?

That’s a plea and a large articulate indicate here. Cena will win; there’s small jealous that. But Cena needs to win in a approach that ensures Rusev can keep surpassing as a tip star and not in a approach that sends a Bulgarian behind down a card.

Last year’s star of WrestleMania is also competing serve down a uncover this year, though Daniel Bryan could potentially be wrestling in a many sparkling compare of a night.

His impasse (along with that of Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler) in a Intercontinental Championship compare has given it nonetheless some-more star power. With so many healthy talent in a match, hopes will be high that it steals a show.

But can Bryan win? When we demeanour during how many a championship has depressed from beauty in new years, there’s a clever evidence to advise that a win for Bryan would be good for him and for a IC Title.

Should a WWE take a punt on Bryan as a subsequent IC champ, there’s a picturesque awaiting of him restoring some much-needed status to a belt. There’s no jealous it’s suffered of late, and with a WWE still wanting a delegate pretension on a roster, this could be a outrageous event for both wrestler and championship.

And in a bid to prove his large fanbase following a unsatisfactory night during a Royal Rumble, this could be nonetheless another WrestleMania impulse for Bryan.

Finally, there’s a much-discussed skeleton for Brock Lesnar during WrestleMania. Like a win for Cena opposite Rusev, it seemed unavoidable that Lesnar would remove to Roman Reigns in dual weeks’ time before streamer out of a WWE.

However, Lesnar could good hang around over WrestleMania, and that opens a doorway for him to keep his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

With throng reactions toward Roman Reigns clearly not as high as WWE approaching them to be usually a fortnight out from a biggest uncover of a year, this could be a means for a WWE to flip a beam and have Lesnar retain.

It seems to work as a viable choice some-more than carrying Reigns winning a championship right now, anyway. And with Lesnar, a champion, making usually few appearances on TV, it opens a doorway for Cena and Bryan to revive nonetheless some-more status and inflection to a particular titles they could win during WrestleMania.

It would be a warn to many, though a closer we get to WrestleMania, it seems some-more and some-more expected that Lesnar is firm to keep his championship.

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